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  1. You may be missing the "update" button which will make effective your removal of the officer.
  2. Just a quick opinion feedback regarding the adition of cavalry units in the game. I belive you are using an incorrect principle. You are only adding a quick movement melee unit that can also fight unmounted long range combat. Cavalry never developed melee fights the way you are portraying, where the balance of the fight depends on the amount of kills each side makes during a long melee. Cavalry is a shock force, not a melee one. Let me see if I can explain: When cavalry charges home to a unprepared infantry unit, the result should be already determined, the action sh
  3. Hello, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time now! It really sounds we will finally have a real sequel to the Sid Meiers Gettysburg and breakaway's Waterloo NLB After some big disapointments like the Take Command games, Scourge of War and Histwar, (not to mention the TW games) I am really starting to get hopefull! But there are just some things I would like to ask before beeing really interested: It seems from the screenshots, that there are many units moving without formation in what seems an atack movement! Just like the charges we see in the movies! They ju
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