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  1. Player named LEGIONE stole my loot from a battle with an elite pickle. He entered my battle in a Hercules & stole my loot.
  2. When is the testbed server closing? When will we recieve our Santa Cecelia & 5 paint chests?
  3. Hey, I converted 3 Victory Marks into 300 Combat Marks. I did not recieve the 300 Combat Marks. Nevermind....they went to my warehouse.😊
  4. Ive been disconnected twice in 1 hour time span.
  5. I do not see the rewards on my Naval Action account for the 2 battles in my Bellona.
  6. I participated in 2 battles on 7/9/2018 on the caribbean server. One battle was pvp the other battle was pve. I did not recieve my pvp mark or the 300000 gold from the 2 battles. I was in my Bellona with a group of Bellonas' & Pirate Frigates for the 2 battles.
  7. I was in my Bellona for the 2 battles....one battle was a pvp battle...the other battle was a pve battle outside La Tortue on the caribbean server. I recieved no pvp mark or 300000 gold for the 2 battles.
  8. I am missing a pvp mark & approximately 300000 gold from 2 battles on the Caribbean server.
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