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  1. Want to buy a gold Wapen. discord [VCO]Witch Of The Waves#0154
  2. Sailing Skipper(US Player) unplugged from the game & disappeared instantly, instead of logging off at sea(which is supposed to take 2 minutes to do). This is a blatant cheat that needs to be solved.
  3. And...what about all the players who have invested their entire economy on Seasoned woods...only to have every ship in future port battles be "classic" HMS Victory ships?
  4. A second "classic" HMS Victory? How bout another 1st rate ship of the line that is different than that.....How bout the 1827 ship of the line form Russia.......the Imperator Aleksandr instead.
  5. Player named LEGIONE stole my loot from a battle with an elite pickle. He entered my battle in a Hercules & stole my loot.
  6. They were promised......didnt you read the Important news on the load screen of the testbed?
  7. Hey devs...you guys figure out a way to get us our testbed rewards after the wipe.....I want my Santa Cecilia note & 5 paint chests.🤨
  8. When is the testbed server closing? When will we recieve our Santa Cecelia & 5 paint chests?
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