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Found 20 results

  1. When is the testbed server closing? When will we recieve our Santa Cecelia & 5 paint chests?
  2. Dicussion thread for econ and crafting changes made on the testbed (and to be added onto the live server in the future). 1. Piastries/reals/gold (whatever we call it, i'll call it silver from now on) and doubloons Hard to say because we still get rewards lile we do on the live server. Just a change really and i'm fine with it. 2. Materials wiped and only resources left. Good change in my opinion, it allows crafting to be less clicks, made more understandable for players to know exactly what they need. I will give praise to the devs where it is due in my opinion. 3. Mission rewards as an economy change. Are fine by me, and variety is a good thing. 4. Lineships costing a TON of doubloons. A good change, I support the decision to make larger ships cost a lot more. Specifically that a player is still able to craft all craftable ships, but lineships are now rightfully more expensive. The part I dislike is that I can only compare feedback with rewards we get now when we have been told it is changing.
  3. While I'm not wholly convinced that a system of grinding slots open on ships is the best idea...if that is what the Devs want us to test, I'll test it. Here is what I have learned from a few hours aboard the ship Trincomalee on the testbed server and what I think should change. Here is how it currently works on testbed: I want to sail Trincomalee, I unlock 2 slots, then to unlock the third slot, I get a message that I need to unlock 4 slots on a Surprise. I unlock 2 on a Surprise and get a message that to unlock the third slot, I need to unlock 3 slots on a Renommee. I haven't unlocked anything on Reno yet, but it seems like it will just keep stair-stepping down to the cutter. What kind of stuff is this? Because I want to sail a Trinc effectively I have to learn how to sail a Renommee? And then what? Brig? NO! People will not do this. You can argue all day that you don't "have" to unlock all the slots. But if you want to be effective, yes you do HAVE to unlock all the slots on a ship. The current system favors those with hours and hours to grind up almost every ship in game. I don't like grinding, but as long as the grind you ask me to do is reasonable, and worth it, I'll grind. So If you want to make every ship a grind to "yeah, I'm a Rear Admiral on this ship," then ok...I don't like it but I'll do it for every ship I sail often. But don't make me grind up my ship xp level on ALMOST EVERY ship beneath me just to unlock the slots on the one ship I might use. Here is (what I think is) a better system, lets use the 4-5th rates for demonstration: Trincomalee is my desired ship, slots cost as follows: (these costs are quite reduced from what is on testbed to reduce the grind needed on each ship) 1: 1,000 xp 2: 2,000 xp 3: 6,000 xp 4: 10,000 xp 5: 25,000 xp So I grind her up to 25000 xp and I have a perfect 3/5 Trinc . But wait! I want to sail a Constitution into a port battle now. Do I have to grind up a bunch of xp on it to get some slots open? I mean, I know so much about the Trinc, I can't image a Connie is too terribly different? No! You don't have to re-learn the Connie, some of your experience on the Trinc will transfer nicely, but you'll still have to sail the Connie a while to get used to her particular points . Here is how it works: Frigates (4-5th) rate ships have an xp pool of 30,000 xp and any time you earn xp sailing ANY frigate, the pool fills some. So I gained 25k xp sailing my Trinc, that xp has gone into the pool. Here is how the pool works, each time a certain amount of xp is reached, a slot unlocks on all the frigates, whether you have sailed that particular ship or not. The pool will only unlock the first three slots: 1: 10,000 xp unlocks 1 slot on all frigates 2: 20,000 xp unlocks 2 slots on all frigates 3: 30,000 xp unlocks 3 slots on all frigates So for this example, I have earned 25k xp sailing the Trinc; which means 25k xp has gone into the pool, and I have unlocked 2 slots on every frigate by specializing in the Trinc. I'm also only 5k xp away from unlocking 3 slots on every frigate. After I earn that xp and reach 30k in the pool, 3 slots become open on all frigates, but I have to sail the particular frigate I am interested in to unlock the last two slots on it. This means that you can sail ANY frigate to gain ship xp that will transfer to other frigates. If you are just leveling up, you will have time to try out different frigates, till you find one you like, and you have not "wasted" any xp unlocking slots on a ship you don't plan on using. What do you think?
  4. [ version 9.99 ] as available on Server Testbed Report all findings that lead to powerful stacking, strange combinations, in game (F11) and in this thread. Discuss the items with specific examples of being used, how to improve, suggestions that you may have. For example Copper plating and Lead Sheathing. Both can be used at the same time in game, stacking speed for example. In reality ( IRL ) both were used, even combined in the same ship, but no added effect would result. In game we can use them both with "stackable" benefits.
  5. Hostility on testbed is very boring! We need more and bigger fleets. 5 hours later and we generate just 49,5% Hostility. We sunk every fleet
  6. The latest wipe/patch on testbed appears to have no trader ships in any of the shops. We cannot capture them and to build one (TBrig or TSnow only - for we still don't have BPs for any of the others) requires four outposts to harvest the resources. To build the outposts costs ... I forget how much but it's in the hundreds of thousands at least ... and to make that amount of money means hauling trade goods. Have we been given redeemable Victories merely for hauling black ironwood? Is this what Live will be like? @admin, You must really, really hate us. Please tell us it is a mistake,
  7. Hello Captains Test bed has opened today. Some disclaimers first. Testbed is not a stable environment. It does not have the same level of stability as main servers. Number of instances available is limited but will be enough unless everyone moves to test bed. This environment is not connected to the main server databases. We will provide some xp and money and ships for you to test things we want. Sometimes it wont work at all. How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key - key FcaH2KzZXutz Select the beta called: Testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select none instead of testbed in the beta tab. Main test goal: Structural damage testing Combat model updated. Structure introduced. Ship now receives structural leaks when structure goes down (not when armor is destroyed like before). Structure affects leaks and masts integrity (you will be able to demast by bow and stern raking). This feature requires heavy tuning that is why it is deployed to the test bed. In the future we will also test a couple of other changes increasing the role of skill in combat allowing skilled captains to dispatch enemies faster (even outnumbered) What’s new and other changes on the testbd Port battle entry is only allowed 30 mins after login at sea. This penalty can be dropped if you enter any port. If you log off at sea and login within 5 mins (disconnects etc) you don’t get that penalty Zone control points are not accumulated during first 10 mins of the port battle New PvE challenge added – Timed demast Tiered rewards are coded into the challenges and eventually we will provide different rewards for different positions in the leaderboards. New sounds are added but not finalized yet. Admiralty PVP events in admiralty zones are 6v6 now. Only 6 ships are pulled for each of the sides of combat. PvE challenge ships should now change (rotate) automatically Tunings: Map zoom increased 2x in commander tablet Port battle time increased to 105 mins Accuracy and damage from land based guns increased by 15% Points for kills increased by 50% in port battles instances Antigriefing 5x limiter decreased to 4x Attack circle timer (ow attack) reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds Certain changes in economy applied Time to start PVE challenge reduced (only for testing) If you sink in battle you will still be able to see the compass and wind indicator Brace command is now a toggle All contracts that are more than 15 days long are going to be automatically cancelled from now on. Main goal is - test structural damage and report the findings feedback on structural damage goes here KNOWN ISSUE. mast destruction from structural damage sometimes crashes the instance - it will be fixed early next week.
  8. I noticed that there are several basic ships not craftable on the testbed server and was wondering if they were simply missed or if this is intentional. Basic ships that currently aren't craftable on testserver are Rattlesnake and Niagara as well as LGV and Indiaman. I guess the LGV and Indiaman might become available for "Trading Manifest" tokens but for the missing shallow water ships i have no explanation whatsoever. Can anybody enlighten me, please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Am I doing it wrong? I thought we were now aupppsed to be able to remove some cannons from AI we successfully board on the test bed? After boarding more than a dozen enemy AI combat ships, I have yet to see a cannon in the hold when I'm removing loot. Is there a button or screen I'm missing?
  10. Currently: on testbed, marines upgrade is a hard % of your crew: 50% for the 6-7th rates 30% for the 4-5th rates Not Sure about 3rd-1st rates I don't like being forced to run a large % of my crew as marines, or be forced to run no marines at all. So here is my Proposal: Marines upgrade gives you an option to carry however many marines you want, up to a certain maximum % (same % per class system as what is used on Testbed now) of your crew. This is accomplished with a sliding bar tool, just like our crew levels work currently. Here are two examples: On Trincomalee, I want to carry 55 marines, so I select the marines upgrade and then use the sliding bar to choose exactly 55 marines. On Surprise, I want to carry 150 marines; well, I can't, because the hard cap of 30% marines is still in place for 4-5th rate ships. The most I can carry is 72 (30% of 240 crew) not counting the extra hammocks or crew space. I think this system will give a nice variety to the way we kit out our ships: some captains may favor more marines, some may favor fewer marines, some may still sail with no marines at all. Thoughts?
  11. Hello, At start this patch was announce as something crazy wich could allow us to really choose how to build our ships. We were supposed to be able to choose guns, armor, crew and more. Each stat was suppos to change others stat to get a balance ship or not depending on the craft. What we got in the patch is nothing more than putting out regional bonus and ship quality. THERE IS NOTHING NEW IN REGARD OF CRAFT IN THE PATCH Now, ok there is ship knowledge but it's nothing in regard of the craft. Crafting gun? Nothing in regard of ship craft, it's just introducing more manufacturing items to build the ship but it doens'nt change the ship craft. So all this noise for nothing? There is still thing we are waiting and this things are necessary for us to plan our implitantion on next wipe. Ressources were supposed to be moved to balance the things and make rvr more interesting. Regional bonus were supposed ot be craftble and added in reciepe. Sol note were supposed to be tradabole against pve mark or pvp marl and necessary to craft sol. When are we going to see this change? Are they forbidden as almost everyhting what was supposed to make the new craft awsome?
  12. Hotfix will be deployed today (26th of April) to testbed. Hold load now affects speed and acceleration. Cannons affect hold. (Hold numbers and weights are not final and will be updated more this week). Cannons now can be crafted (workshop required). Longs and carronades can only be crafted by players and are not available from NPCs. Contracts on cannons can be placed now. Military NPCs now sometimes drop repairs as loot Medkit was replaced by RUM (why did not we think of it the first time). Surgeon now needs rum to fix sailors (or cut them). Medkit blueprint eliminated Sugar added to all regions as resource. Other details will follow (will update the post in a bit) Pickle and Privateer now require basic cutter to unlock 3rd slot (not lynx and not cutter as before) Updated Boarding preparation growth increased Perk points are given to player faster - you will get 10 perk points 2x earlier. Crew requirement lowered on 4lb,6lb and 12lb carronades Tow to nearest deep water port do not check the hold weight any more 4th rate ports and shallow water regional (county) capitals now spawn national NPCs Redwood logs and forests abandoned; blueprints using redwood now use lignum Pine is merged with Fir and is now Fir from today. Pine logs and forests abandoned, blueprints have changed Fire damage is increased by 25% Split function somewhat improved Several bugs fixed More bugs probably added Discuss.
  13. On the test server, I noticed that If we get into a boarding action (By choice or unwillingly) we get NO REWARD despite all the cannon fire exchanged. Historical Context: The nations of the world considered it preferable, by far, to capture an enemy ship. It was taken as a high achievement of skill and courage. The capture of vessels was preferable, and well rewarded, because the ship could be refit for use ti strengthen the navy, or striped for vital materials, to save cost on other ships. Why then do we receive "No Reward" for capturing a vessel in combat? It makes no sense to only reward potions etc for blasting a ship to match sticks. Even the crews got a share of the Prize money for capturing. We should receive the mission and combat rewards for defeating enemy ships, no matter how that victory is achieved. Pyrate Context; Post script. When prize money was rewarded the vaunted Royal Navy officers often screwed the men out of their share of $… Which is just ONE of the reasons so many crews mutinied and turned pyrate! But I digress...
  14. Hello Captains Here are the patch notes for the forthcoming patch for testbed. All Testbed characters will be wiped - EXCEPT FOR craft xp, money, xp and ship knowledge unlocks. This will happen in the future as well. Additional redeems for xp and money were provided Fixed bugs – players who were stuck without crew in the Battle result screen - BRS screen; you can now exit the BRS. Just accept all warnings and exit to the nearest friendly port. Guns are now sold in units (not in decks). Blueprints for gun forging and drilling will be added next week. Medium guns will be available from NPCs by capture, long and carronades will be only player crafted. Warning – basic guns are not sold in ports (not yet). To get basic guns (if you started or have a new rookie character) just sell your basic cutter and buy a new one – it will be provided with a set of guns. Rookie zones removed. Rookie capitasl are added back to respective regions (details here). Players who were stationed in the rookie zones – sorry for the inconvinience. Assign crew functionality in instances updated and somewhat improved. Resource transport between free towns removed Ship transport between outposts removed Teleport to freetown removed. Outpost to outpost transport is now only available between national towns. Tow to capital replaced by tow to port - which sends you to the nearest deep water port - this is done to allow players living in distant areas from the capital to have unstuck that does not send them across the map (forcing them to sail back). Certain changes are done for trading resources production limits. Expensive trading resources are no longer produced up to 25000 items providing infinite money making opportunities (e.g. textile machinery) Shipyard is back and is required for ship crafting Lineships blueprints are now available in the admiralty. Prices are not final. Most other ships are available for all players and unlock based on level (incl Endymion and Indefatigable) Gifted perk removed Ship blueprints no longer drop when crafting Certain changes to knowledge slots unlocks are done Minimal crew thresholds for all vessels are now 70% of max ship crew (only checked in port) - you still can use under crewed ships in battles though. Fixed bug that did not allow to access hold for NPC ships in missions and events Fixed another set of bugs keeping players in the BRS screen Fixed bug that allowed to receive marks for basic cutter Fixed bug that allowed your sank vessel to magically appear in the BRS screen Fixed a memory leak with open combat information window. Expect bugs - several new features are introduced and may cause problems for testbed gameplay. Thanks for the patience and support.
  15. Assuming you guys do check & act on the F11 reports... Just thought I'd post it here anyway. On Testbed, I logged out at Port Royal, I didn't check where I was when I logged back in, but when I set sail into OW, I spawned outside FORT Royal... Only a couple of hours sailing in distance apart... Brand new character with no redeemables and zero coin... and teleport still has a 1hr cooldown on it. Yay.
  16. Hello there! I've noticed that in exchange for PVP marks via the Admiralty tab in Testbed, it is possible to gain the "Navy Essex" atop the "Navy Brig" and "Navy Agamemnon". Are these "Navy" ships variants of the original vessels? If so, does anyone have any information on the characteristics of the "Navy Essex" versus the normal "Essex"? Devs, got any nice screenshots of the "Navy Essex" or "Navy Agamemnon"?
  17. This is something minor, but it is a bit strange. The two "gunnery" perks you can select for your vessel on the testbed server at the moment are Powder Monkeys and Improved Magazine access. However, Powder Monkeys have a -7% reload rate versus Magazine Access at -6% atop increased fire risk. This hence renders Powder Monkeys the clear superior upgrade, both are attainable at the same cost and same fashion so hence Magazine Access would be completely useless. It is minor yes, but it's worth noting! Perhaps Mag. Access should have a better reload rate than powder monkeys, to justify the increased fire risk.
  18. I got the understanding on the new system of xp. It's interesting and it will help people to focus on a ship More you farm on it more you get dedicated xp and more it help you to got slot for your skills BUT When you reach a good level on a ship, the next slots need and xp and slots on others ships For example: On consitution, the 3th slot need 21k xp AND 4 slots open on endemyon On Suprrise the 4th slot need and xp and 3 slots open on renomee etc It's basicly a stair You need to open the slots on the smaller ship allowing you to open slots on the ship followign etc etc if you want to open the slots on some ships. If you are max rank and want to play on the 4ships you want, you will be forced to farm every ships to open the slots on this 4 dedicated ships as you will not be able to open them withtout open end slots of ships before which is necessayr to open slots on ship before which is need to open slots on ship before which etc etc etc I'm really against this system, it's the one we got before steam launch and it was named an error by admin on this time. Their excuse was to force us to tests the ships we dislike to get data. We can figure than 1.5 years after, devs got enough data on all ships to not force us to farm in cerberus to open slots on renomme or farm 3th rate to open slots on bellona or pavel. Thans you to support it and to make devs change their mind about this crazyness. Focusing on a ship to open his slots OK Spending hours farming ships you dislike to open slots on ship you love NO
  19. So I've been having issues on the testbed only today. No buttons have labels, not even in combat. Here is an example when I tried to send an F11. Now maybe it's my pc bc my pc has been having issues too
  20. Problems : - PvP1 is in trouble due of some nation not covering all the timers making them easy target in some timers - Testbed has been launch and new stuff are on test but there is not enough population on it to test all of them - No one is ready to face the sacrifice of being push away on this or this server to limit the timers that have to be cover Solution : - Apply on testbed a window of 12 hours that will make the UE community able to face pb in their prime time. It seems the nightflip are just a problem for some UE community (mostly France/danish/Spanish/some Swedish) why I don't think timer based on US should be necessary or wished by them. The people who would move there and start from start except the few redeambale we got will be able to make fresh eco, fresh alliances and stop the craziness we face on pvp1. If devs propose soon the new eco that may wipe the ships, it may be the place to test it without wiping the 3 existing servers. This new start, based on volunteers and not on people forcing to move their will allow a less trash talk/stressful rvr. The no diplomacy made on this server will allow new wars to start and new alliance to form. It doensn't force anyone to leave but encourage the ones who could left the game due of nightflip stay aboard and keep helping the devs and the community improving the games. This solution could, when the game will be launched, been vanished if enough people are online covering all the timer or stay if the players base is happy with it.
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