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    Unit Naming

    I use the following scheme for each Brigade in a Core: Infantry: (Number) (State) (weapon abbreviation) for example: 1st Oregon 55. Infantry brigades always get numbered by their place on the Army management screen so the 1st Brigade is the one on the top left and then the numbers grown from left to right descending. This lets me know what core they are from(Oregon is always my veteran units so the first core). 55 lets me know that this Brigade is equipped with the Springfield 1855. For the rifles without numbers in their names I abbreviate them similar to what DrHay53 mentioned(Lorenz gets shortened to Lz). Artillery: (Number Div) (weight of shot) (weapon abbreviation if any) for example: 1st Div 10 PDR or 2nd Div 12 PDR Nap Artillery brigades are numbered by division but other than specifying their cannon type I leave them at that. Cavalry and Skirmishers: I tend to name these Melee or Ranged for Cav and Glass Cannons(sniper/long range rifle units) or Rapid Fire(close range fast firing units). This helps me figure out who will be best for what situation/position. Who to keep from performing holding actions(higher casualties typically) and who to use as flankers. I'll try to upload a screen shot or 2 for further examples when I get off work.
  2. ptg2000

    Optional beta to test possible Freeze fix

    Beta fix was great in .74 but in order to play .75 I had to remove myself from the beta to download the update. Took me a minute to figure out why my game hadn't updated last night.
  3. Is the unit icon still above them when they route off the map? I've only played through Union easy mode campaign and haven't experienced this myself(though I have lost a few Cav units learning how to use them).
  4. ptg2000

    Names of landscape features

    I agree! It would add some immersion for those interested and wouldn't detract from those who are not.
  5. ptg2000

    Kamikaze AI is not good

    I never had the pleasure of playing UGG unfortunately so I can't comment on the AI from that game. I do, however, agree with the boggling strategy the AI employs in this game at times. I wonder if the AI could be made to combine units like we can when brigades reach a certain number. Not sure if that would be realistic but it would make a little more sense to me than charging with a 500->400->300 man units.