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  1. Hey,

    maybe its a mistake by myself but i cannot understand the stats.

    when im not in my surprise she is 12.39 kn fast 20170804185108_1.thumb.jpg.37d7481f29a5fb670428cd0e00ac3957.jpg

    and when she is mounted the speed is 11.49kn.


    with the cerb its the same.


  2. Don't know if it's mentioned before - no time to read all posts. 

    So, is this the perfect timing to make pirates as we know  disappear or split them as mentioned often before. True Pirates should not be able to form war company's only clans. They should be able to enter every port of course with danger. And so on - will not rephrase all the good ideas that are make in all the posts before - admin surely had keep them in mind. 

    I think it's a good timing to implement pirates rework in this whole thing!

  3. 26 minutes ago, admin said:


    because you bait enemy to attack you and get all the speed you want after

    Admin is right. The attacker is also often a victim of fleets in hostile waters. When u hunt alone and Tag a ship there's no chance to escape afterwards most of the time. Because of time compression in the ow it's mostly unfair without the speed boost. 


    I agree with prater.

    I like this feature in a way but I have strong concerns for the possibility of exploit it. 

    If it works in a outlaw battle - not good. And it shouldn't work for pve or maybe only in pve fights if your br is lower. Because when I sit before an enemy capital and I want to go away. I attack a pve trader - wait two minutes and then speed boat mode!

  5. 38 minutes ago, Kanay said:

    - Silly modules, too many of them, and all having way too much bonuses and being stackable, now all ships are able to be turned into motorboats, getting them sailing profiles changed to ridiculous levels, was better before when you knew that ship X no matter the modules it have could not catch ship Y, many ask for a speed cap removal, this isn't the solution game is supposed to be realistic, having 3rd rates sailing at 15Kn is stupid period, review the bonus for woods and upgrades, remove some books and upgrades, some like optimized ballast and cargo optimization do almost the same things anyways, but it is also possible to stack them and makes the things worse, bring back ships having some sense like it was one year ago, not ships all able to run at insane speeds, limit woods used on some ships if it's needed, don't allow to make a third or 1st rate out of fir wood if needed but bring back some logic into the game and the ships hierarchy for the speed meta at least.

    Now i can use upgrades to get a 5th rate having more thickness and hp than a 4th rate, a 3rd having more speed than a 5th rate and so on ... what kind of mess is this ? Where are the Historical and Realistic things promoted by this game ? 

    Dont agree with everything. But with this i agree 100% this Speed thing is some kind of game changer

  6. 1 minute ago, monk33y said:

    I guess the easiest way to make captured flags have a lifespan. Say a captured flag is only valid for 5 server resets. More than enough time to get resources, Contracts etc and escape.

    The captured flag system would mean being a famous pirate would have drawbacks. And forces players to pay attention to open world more.

    Oh There are two Dutch players moving towards me fast... Oh what they are attacking me... What they are pirates.... I knew I shouldn't have sailed this victory alone for missions!!!

    like the pirate gets known for sailing this ship under that flag under his name

  7. I Quote my ein post from october or sth like that


    i mentioned in the dev patch thread the following idea.....


    "I would Love to See some ideas for the pirate gameplay. Something like that.

    1. the Pirates are no Nation anymore and have no cities.

    2. you will be known as single pirate or as member of a Clan.

    3. as a pirate you can enter in every city. But only in cities from a Nation who is friendly to you.

    4. a nation is not friendly when you or your clan gain to many hostility points by hunting or capping ships from this Nation.

    5. if you are hostile to a nation you can achieve a better realationship by activities against the Nations Enemy. For example if britain hates you and is at war with france and you kill French ships, your hostility Level will reduce slowly for britain.

    6. pirate clans can establish a hideout. They can found in on the map by themself. Its like the clanwarehouse. You can refit and repair but you cant craft ships.

    7. if a Nation find the hideout then they can attack and destroy it.

    8. mortimer town will change to a free town (for the purpose nobody lost his stuff)

    9. pirates can craft in every City they can enter.

    10. a Nation can decide by vote to give all pirates amnesty or declare all pirates to enemys. So it is dangerous to have all your stuff in a nations City.

    11. in the OW your hostile Status will be shown to a nations player so he can decide to Attack or not. But he can attack even if you are friendly.

    Ps: or maybe Pirates can not craft but capping ships with Full dur!"


    "Admin you mentioned that youre worried about that many pirate player Are happy about the actual Situation. My idea is you can split the faction into 2 and we can choose on which side we want to go ahead. the one side will remain as the so called republic of nassau and we can call them Buccaneers or something instead of pirates and the other side will continue as "real" pirates.

    You can avoid the problem about the possibility of the "real" Pirates by attackin eachother and then hiding in battle by not closing this battle. If 2 outlaws choose to fight against eachother everybody should be able to join so Nobody can hide"


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