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  1. The dutch in this thread seem to think we'll stick around and just gank cutters for fun, rather than continue the conquest into new areas. Taking your ports is/was not a personal vendetta.
  2. The assault launched at 19:00 CET and went on until around 23:00. I wouldn't say you were attacked in the middle of the night. Consider this: Sweden starts out with 1 (one) city. It's not impossible to recover from your state of only having 10+ cities right now.
  3. I think the "Naval Action - National Wars and Piracy" boards are cluttered and hard to understand since threads rarely mention which server it affects. Perhaps a more clear structure would be to have: (etc) Not a major improvement to gameplay but I think it would make it easier to participate in the community.
  4. Judging from the original map(?) it looks like the french only actually lost four ports to Sweden whereas the majority of what's now in Sweden was neutral. 2 ports near Gustavia were dutch, 2 were british. Aye aye. I think [sWE] represents a fair share of the swedishspeaking swedes, and a few internationals as well (whereas our buddies in [sEIC] are mostly german speakers). 16 members and counting. I'll get back to you when I guess we're influential and mighty.
  5. How many members do you reckon are needed to be considered a major clan for this list?
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