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  1. The only ones that cannot be captured are capitals AFAIK, so you should be safe to do something along these lines: if(port.capital) { console.log('It cannot be captured.'); } else { console.log('It can be captured '+ translateCaptureWindow(port.timeslot)); } function translateCaptureWindow(baseWindow) { var padLeft = function(inpt) { var str = "" + inpt; var pad = "00"; return pad.substring(0, pad.length - str.length) + str; }; if(baseWindow == -1) { return 'anytime'; } else { baseWindow = parseInt(baseWindow); return 'between '+ padLeft(baseWindow) +' and '+ padLeft(parseInt(baseWindow+2)) +' UTC'; } }
  2. ConquestFlagTimeSlot is -1 when the capture window is "anytime", otherwise it indicates the starting hour of a 2-hour window in the UTC timezone. "Cant be bought" <- Referring to conquest flags? They all have the same cant-be-bought window, which is basically the hours surrounding the server maintenance time window.
  3. Ah, right. You should be able to calculate that based on the attributes found in the item model. I'd imagine the properties BasePrice, SellPrice and SellPriceCoefficient are the properties that affect this.. In the old trading system I suppose PriceTierQuantity also would've mattered. If you don't feel like experimenting with figuring out the formula there's a simpler way, with the new trading system: Look at a port that consumes the product and does not have any on a contract - the price will be the same in any port that consumes that product. Save that value in an item model of your choice and reference it from your port model.
  4. I built an automated tool for that, so yes. E.g. PVP3 shops: https://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/Shops_cleanopenworldprodeu2.json
  5. You can still see which resources a port consumes and produces, so as long as you go by that and not from what's on the market you should be fine.
  6. Yeah I'd love to, unfortunately I'd have to fake being logged in and being in that port to access that information. For some reason that data is treated as a separate sort of shop.
  7. Offtopic, but I'd like to say that I appreciate this sentiment. It's easy to just take what's being written on the forums for absolute truths; my own rants included.
  8. If you get multiple replies on an email it seems like they overwrite eachother. I sent an email to my clan an asked for opinions. I received a reply and just looked at the mail quickly but left it unread for later. When I came back an hour later the sender of the mail had changed in the list, so I clicked it, thinking it was probably typical UI bugs. Nope, it was a different reply from a different member. The first reply was thus... gone
  9. I'm having money disappear too. I log all my trades and count my money whenever I empty my cargo, and my last route only gained me 80k, but should have been around 600k. When I arrived in Basse-Terre I clicked the Sell button and maximized the amount-input. It went to around 2371 or so. Got an error (as seen in the last screenshot). Tried again and it seemed to work.
  10. Then perhaps that should have been done before ruining the game for hundreds of players.
  11. So then my initial comment applies. This patch will only remedy an abundance that exists on PVP1; other servers will suffer under the DEATH METAL difficulty level. With barely 10 players per nation online in PVP3 there's a very low chance of one of them being an adequate shipbuilder. I think joining a clan or making friends should be an enhancement to the game experience, not a prerequisite. This isn't a social network. :-/ Oh wow, this sounds great! How do I create more accounts? I thought this game wasn't pay-to-win? On PVP1, sure. The big clans on PVP3 can just barely take care of themselves, and that sentiment is based on PRE-nerf. I think it would have made more sense to add this new no-capture feature to 2nd and 1st-rates only. Nerfing an existing and fairly balanced (overall, given difference between servers) economy feels unnecessary. Don't get me wrong - I love everything about the patch except for this one thing. I'll happily abide by the new rules but think it will just further the gap in player retention between the servers.
  12. So by "PVE content" you do not mean Open World, but PVE Servers? Meaning, this does not affect PVP1 or PVP2 or PVP3?
  13. Agree. This change was not made with other servers than PVP1 in mind.
  14. Ahoy folks! I made a tool for looking up resource- and conquest-information for ports and thought someone might find it useful. It only works for PVP3 because reasons. https://klr.nu/ports
  15. Karibiens Lierade Riggar Our philosophy is simple; we play because it's fun. Our members like helping eachother as a team and have a variety of specialties, ranging from crafting and trading to PVP. We impose very few restrictions on our members; we ask that you respect established diplomacy and that you not be a jerk to other players. For fleet activities and socializing we have a Discord server. Discord is like Teamspeak, but cooler (e.g. there's a web client if you don't want to install stuff). If you are interested in joining, contact Svartschegg or SirVonBiginch.
  16. If you're on EU PVP3 you can query https://klr.nu/api/v2/port/{port_id} for a log of conquests. API docs: https://klr.nu/api/v2/docs#portSample response for Scarborough: { "id":165, "nation_id":5, "name":"Scarborough", "capital":false, "regional":false, "shallow":false, "capturer_id":677, "timeslot":-1, "slug":"scarborough", "lat":"11.144213", "lng":"-60.775337", "updated_at":"2016-04-17 08:32:34", "nation":{ "id":5, "name":"Verenigde Provinci\u00ebn", "max_bots":36, "updated_at":"2016-04-13 08:16:17" }, "capturer":{ "id":2, "name":"Svartschegg", "nation_id":7, "clan_id":24, "slug":"svartschegg", "created_at":"2016-01-18 00:00:00", "updated_at":"2016-04-12 13:41:52" }, "production":[ { "item_id":42, "quantity":4, "item":{ "id":42, "name":"Silver", "type":"Resource", "updated_at":"2016-04-24 10:15:47" } } ], "consumption":[ { "item_id":300, "quantity":48, "item":{ "id":300, "name":"Live Oak Log", "type":"Resource", "updated_at":"2016-04-24 10:15:47" } } ], "shop":[ { "item_id":27, "quantity":425, "buy_price":152, "sell_price":76, "contract_buy_quantity":-1, "contract_sell_quantity":-1, "updated_at":"2016-04-24 10:16:18", "item":{ "id":27, "name":"Gold", "type":"Resource", "updated_at":"2016-04-24 10:15:47" } } ], "conquests":[ // 10 latest, regardless of contested (captured) or not { "id":1, "port_id":165, "nation_id"7, "player_id":2, "contested":true, "created_at":"2016-04-06 15:59:32", "updated_at":"2016-04-06 16:49:16", "nation":{ "id":7, "name":"Sverige", "max_bots":36, "updated_at":"2016-04-05 05:53:50" }, "player":{ "id":2, "name":"Svartschegg", "nation_id":null, "clan_id":24, "slug":"svartschegg", "created_at":"2016-01-18 00:00:00", "updated_at":"2016-04-12 13:41:52" } } ] }Edit: API v2
  17. Yeah I know how to authenticate with Steam, but Naval Action has a secondary, undocumented, layer of authentication that checks for the Steam token and also allows users to login with a user/pass combination that bypasses Steam. It is that secondary step of authentication that I suppose returns the list of "Captains" in your account. To clarify with an example, my Steam username used to be "John", but my main captain in Naval Action is called "Svartschegg". I would like to retrieve "Svartschegg" from NA rather than "John" from Steam.
  18. +1 Would love to have a Steam-based auth for logging in as your in-game character on clan forums and stuff.
  19. Nice! Since we're in a sharing-is-caring mood I implemented your function into an implicit Laravel controller Edit: Made it a Gist instead of pasting it all here. https://gist.github.com/Sleavely/945939aec743ebe1b54ddc89b861493b
  20. Will the new API overwrite the existing data sources, or will it be backward-compatible?
  21. Sweden: France - War Danmark/Norway - NAP Pirates - Hostile US - ? Spain - ? Great Britain - Hostile The Verenigde Provinciën - Hostile ​Major clans: [sWEC], [KLR], [KNTO]
  22. (PVP3 EU) KLR (Sverige) / English / Discord / ∞ slots / https://discord.gg/0qAMlrZN0tJsrNMi
  23. This is neither JSON nor JSONP. It is Javascript. Why they name the files .json is beyond me JSON is data in a javascript object notation format. JSONP is data passed to a callback function which is named according to a request query parameter (commonly called "callback" for simplicity). In reality, JSONP is essentially Javascript that has been twisted into a data-loading method to circumvent CORS. This is a variable declaration in Javascript.
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