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  1. There's also the TV series "Black Sails" you can get on the net.
  2. Congrats on making it to and through you first day of Open World! I hope all your dreams for this game come true, As well as the dreams for the game by the players.
  3. Wouldn't it be awesome to run the first Trafalgar with cutters and only with their 4 pounders. Now that would be a cool video.
  4. Good Job Devs. One question though, Does this game add NPC's every time another Player comes into the game or are there only a certain number of NPC ships that spawn in at any given time and re-spawn after a preset time? The reason I'm asking is, If it's a preset number then the first day will be the biggest fight for XP/Gold that this game has ever seen! Almost every Captain will be out there trying to get ahead of the Noobs. It would be a race to get a ship to battle just as soon as it spawns in. Thank you for this Awesome game!
  5. Britton for me. If we're still allowed two players then I'll see.
  6. That's just what I thought when I tried to log on.
  7. I Started on Jan, 10 2016, It started me in beta. When I enter battle in my Cutter or Yacht (Both armed with medium 6 pounders) I open the "Shot choice" and only get 3 to choose from "1=Ball, 2=Chain and 3=Grape. Nothing above the number four. At what point should I get "4=Double Shot"?
  8. This my second post is to introduce myself. I have been following this site for about a year now hoping to get a chance to join, I just received my "Steam Key" and will activate it Tomorrow on Jan,09,2016. It may be a week or two before I can actually play the game, as I need to upgrade my computer first. Just wanted to lock in a spot in Alpha. As you may have guessed by my name I'll be joining the British. I want to thank all of you who have worked and/or tested to get this game to where others such as myself can join. Thank You All. I look forward to Being both Friend and Foe to as man
  9. I chose HMS as I will be on the side od the British, Wonky is a British word meaning "strange or unusual" and that describes my humor well, Beaver as I'm Canadian.
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