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  1. I've sat and refreshed this page many times over the past 2-3 hours, and I've watched the "X people are reading this topic" counter rise and rise. HYPE INTENSIFIES!
  2. Too excited not to ask... When exactly will the head start begin today? Fantastic work devs, I play many many games, and this is one of the top 3 best in the past 5-7 years for me.
  3. Or am I just having issues?
  4. The username throws people off... I'm not an Aussie. I'm from NA lol. Roo = Andrew = AndRoo Salad = ..well uhh... salad.
  5. oooh okay, no problem. I thought they did it daily. No big deal, I can wait. JUST KIDDING I CAN'T WAIT, I'M SOO EXCITED!!
  6. Solved, sadly... I paid for the game about 9-11 hours ago. As of right now (literally 5 minutes from now) it will be 22:00 (10pm) Kiev time... which is 3pm EST. I assume because I did pay for it before the handouts started, I should get a key, correct?
  7. RooSalad


    Just purchased the game, and am awaiting the key (should be here this afternoon, or tomorrow, as I understand). Just wanted to stop in here and say hello to everyone!
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