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  1. I love this kind of paintings. They create a certain 'ambiance'.
  2. Good day to you! Let us hope for a swift answer .
  3. For those who are interested, an article in Dutch about the future of De Delft: http://www.telegraaf.nl/vaarkrant/24043819/__Replicaproject_De_Delft_vlotgetrokken__.html

  4. De Delft is a very slow and timeconsuming proces. In May this year the organization made public that it is no longer meant to become a sailing replica. They just want to show how shipbuilding was done in those days. They offer the oportunity to students to learn something about this old processes as somekind of internship.
  5. Donatus

    New landlubber

    Good to know I want to join the dutch then. The other factions are looking a bit dreadfull
  6. Donatus

    New landlubber

    Hello everybody, Just a small post to introduce myself. Found this gem a couple of weeks ago. Have been playing age of sail games for some time but this looks and sounds fantastic. Just send my request email to the developers and hope to join you guys soon! Kind regards
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