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  1. I'd agree with everyone that the 20% reloading vs pirates is a little broken, now on the other hand it is supposed to be the hardest faction, so 5% I could see. 5-10% maybe but 20% is a bit much, the 1 knt sailing speed is a good bonus for the pirates, now if there were more "pirate" vessels like the pirate frigate I could see the 5-10% being not a bad thing seeing as you'd want to board and plunder them anyways so lets see some better pirates boarding and maybe a slight nerf to the reload speed on the officers next patch eh??
  2. I agree, even as a pirate, limited access to ships of the line doesn't remove anything from anyone, if we pirates cannot craft ships of the line it does strongly limit our port capping and large pvp battle capabilities, but you know what? No one is required to be a pirate if you dislike the idea of pirates being limited by nature don't be a pirate, if we do limit pirates to raiding and make their few ports across the map uncappable then we'll see pirates doing.. well piraty things, raiding ports, attacking traders, attacking naval officers who can't stand up to them. If you want nation play, play as an established nation, I'm sure the US and brits could use assistance as they obviously can't stand up to the current pirate faction, right now its just a nation like every other nation, we have other nations, if pirates become different than nations then we won't really lose people... we'll see some of the current pirates switching to a nation, but thats not exactly a bad thing huge nations with small amounts of pirates around the map in their strategically placed locations disrupting the trade lanes would be interesting. Right now what we have is a huge black nation crushing actual nations, not being pirates. If we do see changes like this I'd also like to see an option to defect from the pirate faction to any nations, perhaps it costs a large amount of gold, but you have the ability to buy a pardon from a nation and become that nation. Enough gold that its not worth exploiting, but not so much that its impossible for a player to do.
  3. I really don't like pirates being involved in the conquest area of the game like they are right now, I think there should be ports that should just be uncapturable that are pirate only, sort of like pirate havens or something, just too lawless to really control, and then free towns as well that pirates get more ability out of like raiding flags and maybe a better shipyard than is at a pirate port that allows them to build larger ships. I was definitely implying overcrewing and less stability, they would have not ever realistically gotten a 3rd rate so who knows what the pirates would put on that, some of the bolder ones if they had one might aim to take out a navy frigate or something if they wanted to, we don't really know what they would do on a 3rd rate so it was just an assumption but usually they found assorted gun sizes on all decks of sunken pirate vessels some up to very large sizes it just depends on what they got their hands on. We do however know that the few larger galleons and smaller rated ships they captured often times were put ashore and all the guns moved to one size and used like a fortress near a larger pirate port.
  4. I agree, let us put 1st rate guns on 3rd rates and perhaps more of them as well, its a very pirate thing to do, pirates weren't opposed to adding more guns than a ship was supposed to have on a ship, they weren't concerned about the long term usage of their boats, it was a means to an existence, if they needed a new boat they took one. If we see raiding implemented and pirate port capture removed I'd like to see pirate ports unable to be captured like this, it makes pirates a global threat which sadly we can't be atm, there's not as much you can do out of a free town. I would like to see more free town functionality for pirates too, they were havens for all especially pirates, perhaps if added functionality is added to pirates in free towns some of the pirate towns could be turned into free towns. I should also note that as a pirate, not a national player I'm supporting these things, I also would like to see crafting limited, not to just pirates, but to nationals as well, I'd like to see 1st/2nd rates come in as a reward for very high level missions and not craftable, if they were rewards from hard missions with only 1 dura I doubt anyone would recklessly waste it just because they had enough economy as a nation to do so. This would also push people towards smaller ships, not necessarily frigates, but at least somewhat towards them, another mechanic perhaps can be created to make 3rd rates hard to get as well. Perhaps higher cost to craft so you see more 3rd rates in the nations who control better economic ports than other nations, gives a reason to cap ports besides location and the current "why not" factor..
  5. If it was even a running over it would've been better, but it was more of a port rush not a battle or anything..
  6. forcing captures might be a good idea, then they have to actually dedicate to one tower rather than just pass it, then the defenders could surround the last tower as a last stand too I really like this idea, as a frigate user myself, I dont want to jump into a first rate just because of some BR garbage..
  7. + + These three together with a good blend of the ideas would make the pirates into a really good faction to be afraid of, but removes feeling of it being a nation especially if they make pirate ports un-cap-able and pirates unable to cap ports. Gives it a good pirate haven feel rather than just another city, some unique resources in them would be cool as well, along with the other nations ports, so long range trading becomes worth something too, like denmark to america with specialty resources to make a profit. All of this together and we could see a meaningful nation that isn't just another group of clans conquesting ports
  8. I think something we are all neglecting is we can instead of game limiting we can focus more on an economic limiting factor, if we actually cut off 1st rates from pirates then we'll have more of what happened tonight when nationals bring only 1st rates to port battles and win by default because of a 3:1 br difference, if we implement a economic system to make pirates either want to sail frigates, or a system that makes piracy only viable in frigates then it works significantly better. Crew is expensive, takes food water and gold to maintain a crew, pirate crews also require more gold than national crews where sailors are paid much less. If it costs gold to maintain a crew and you have to hire a crew to sail from port to port, and buy resources to maintain said crew then we can just increase the costs of pirate crews, which makes both historical and game sense. The biggest thing we neglect here in the forums is that the trade system and larger trade ships are the only real things you can use to encourage pirates to pirate people instead of pvp in massive ships. When it becomes beneficial economically for me to go and chase an indiaman or a galleon or any other trade ship I will. Right now with deliveries I don't even see players using trade ships, so there is literally nothing for me to do besides either A conquest or B kill things on the open sea in my biggest ship. We're asking for pirates to be pirates in a system that no one would actually pirate in. Lets go time travel a sec and go ask a pirate if there were only navy ships running around what he would do, I bet he hides since he doesn't have access to the ships we have right now, and he doesn't have any reward worth chasing that outweighs the risk. I bet if we ask him if he'd chase down a fat galleon with promising rewards then he'd cut our throats so we couldn't beat him to it and he'd jump on his boat and let his crew know to set sail immediately. So basically to sum everything up since I tend to type out long paragraphs... make crews expensive, more so for pirates, adjust the trade system, and remove the damn deliveries already..
  9. I wasn't saying to base it off your current crew, but when you enter a battle in a 40% crewed santi, it should not have the BR of a regular santi, it should be 40% the br. If you enter as a 100% santi and get graped to 40% it should still count as a 100% santi because you entered in a good santi, they're trying to kill under-crewing as a tactic the current system just encourages under-crewing and as far as raking goes, I've personally killed 370 in a single rake so I know where you are coming from
  10. I wasn't saying that the timer tactic was right, but neither is the br system, maybe if there are 3:1 ships or BR gets adjusted on how much you crew your ship by perhaps it'd be better
  11. So on launch if this mechanic stays all you have to do is put every person in sight in a santi and run and go to a port battle for free wins, current 3/1 br ratio to win doesnt work, many of those 1st rates were at 40% or less crew.. I feel as though that should make them 40% of the br of that respective ship.
  12. Ah yes the pirate organization was a sudden thing for us too, and @Prater if the only thing you have to complain about is pirates grinding xp on other pirates then stop complaining because it isn't happening, hasn't happened since honor kills were removed.
  13. If pirates cannot take ports then other factions should not be able to take our ports either, I'm okay with a mechanic that allows raiding or something instead of taking ports, but if we're removing pirates from taking ports then we need several other mechanics to change as well.
  14. If we're making one faction realistic then make them all realistic, remove the line ships and put almost everyone in 5th 6th and 7th rates
  15. This is brought up far too often, ignorant american faction assumes we fight each other for levels, this is not the case and has not been the case since honor kills still existed. We, just like every other faction, find that grinding larger npc fleets as a team rather than shooting each other's broadsides is a better choice. Believe it or not we level up and kick your butts daily legitimately Much love -Death Genie
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