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  1. Well I guess that answers that. Even though I use Mint 17, which uses the same repositories, and gets the same updates and is based on the same version, as Ubuntu. Sorry I hijacked your thread OP.
  2. Look at my topic below this one. Clicking on multiplayer causes an immediate crash to desktop which doesn't seem to be a network issue to me. But I could be wrong and there is something wrong with my install. Is anyone that plays on Linux not getting a CTD when selecting multiplayer?
  3. +1 See the map should aways be part of the AAR.
  4. But getting multiplayer on Linux to work is a problem.
  5. EdJaws

    Linux Problems

    Let me say right from the start that I and all the other Linux enthusiast really, really appreciate that Game-Labs ported UG:G to Linux. I hope y'all continue Linux support and I'll most definitely be coming back for all your games. There is definitely value in your products. I've run across 2 problems: *** No window mode except 2 options. Trying to run the game in window mode only gives 2 options no matter what setting you choose. I've outlined in another topic about defaulting to 1920x1145 on each game start up instead of 1920x1200 even though window mode is off. Further testing shows try
  6. Further testing... 1920x1145 is indeed the resolution for windowed mode. I wonder if there is a value I can set in Steam launch options to force my full screen resolution? Thanks for your time and patients.
  7. Just a follow up... I booted into Windows to run the game and it had the proper resolution 1920x1200. Booted back to Linux and ran it again and it started at 1920x1145. Strange Linux only problem.
  8. Nope, I don't believe I ever set windowed mode especially now since I've been playing on the new install on Steam. My other install, from GOG, I might have but that one is on Windows and Steam is on Linux. It's not a big deal; just wanted you to be aware of it and perhaps others if they haven't noticed it happening. Thanks for your response.
  9. When starting a game, after having set my screen resolution to the proper 1920x1200, then starting a new session or quitting and restarting will change my screen resolution to an odd 1920x1145. There is a noticable difference of what's visible on the screen when I change it back to the proper resolution. Everything else about running the game is perfect. I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 with a Nvidia GTX 750 graphics card. 1920x1145 1920x1200 Thought you might want to know but it's not a game breaker. Thanks. Ed
  10. Yes, it got updated on GOG. I may be wrong but the only way I seen the update was with GOG Galaxy installed. There is no automatic update like on Steam. Still no Linux support though but that's okay since I got it on Steam now. Great game and support, Mr. Thomadis. PS. BTW, I have yet to receive an email reply from GOG support.
  11. Lots of good tips 1st. TN. Reg. Watkins, thanks for posting. I'll be studying Blunts Tutorial in depth and, as there is lots of info, I'll try to incorporate each section into a battle bit by bit. I'm new to the game and find it a fascinating take on how movement orders are implemented. Simply brilliant Mr. Thomadis. I'm more a turn based strategy, and not a real time, game player but I play and like UG:G and Command Ops, both of which you can pause. The only thing that might add to it would be a couple of time shifts, say slow, medium, and fast with the current speed as medium. I hope to c
  12. I bought UG:G from GOG a week ago and the version is 1.03. I tried everything to update the game, even trying though GOG-galaxy, no dice. Others on the GOG forum are reporting the same thing, old version, which was never revealed in the game description. There is no excuse for selling an old copy of the game so I'd stay away from GOG. I did email support a week ago but have yet to receive a response. I figured I throw some money towards GOG but that was a mistake, lesson learned. I bought another copy from Steam today, 11-06-15.
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