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  1. My friend and I are trying to play multiplayer, but he has a steam copy and I have a gog copy. Is there any way that we can deliberately match up against each other?
  2. Is there any way to access the open beta using a gog-purchased copy?
  3. I'm trying to play as CSA against a Balanced, unboosted Union AI and I have yet to find any good way to kill union artillery. Charging doesn't really work, since a couple canister shots will break a brigade. Rifle fire doesn't seem to do much, either, and focusing multiple artillery batteries on a single union battery takes a really long time. I've found that I can do reasonably well by not directly targeting union artillery and that the AI will feel compelled to withdraw if it's threatened by several nearby brigades, but this is definitely a sub-optimal solution. Any tips? PS I've read th
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