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  1. and the chat thing.. well im glad that wasent an issue on my side.
  2. well yes i can view and Access some of theese Things but Things like the uploader had 70% of the buttons greyed out and i am not able to upload images for example. just links as the ok button does nothing. Infact to Close the image uploader dialogue Box i have to reload the webpage.
  3. well ive been a member since 25th of MAy and still i don't have permission to enter the chatroom.and various other Things are in-accessible to me on this site regardless of which web browser i use. i also want to state the fact that i have waited since the 27th for a response to an issue ticket via mail and still you havent responded. what is going on?
  4. Here are some extra Image Resources i will add more once i can post more
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