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    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    Thank you for your replies. New question: After a unit is 3-star, what happens to the XP bar that keeps building? Is that just wasted capability? Or does it lead to some hitherto unmentioned perk?
  2. TechnoSarge

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    I follow you... but a consequence of winning all the battles is that I'm sitting on something like 100,000 recruits! And arty isn't so much a problem as my veteran brigades. Here's an example.
  3. TechnoSarge

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    OK - new issue. As a new player, I'm doing a Union campaign at Colonel difficulty. I don't spare the half-speed button or the pause one while I'm acclimating to the simulation, so - easy easy. I'm past Chancellorsville; I've won every fight by the maximum conditions (and with no do-overs!). At this point, my most veteran Corps is loaded with Generals, Brigadier and Major. I haven't any infantry brigades entrusted to less than a Brigadier... and I have 3-star artillery commanded by Generals too. Here's the thing: If the golden standard is to keep your Command bar as high or higher than the Efficiency bar - good luck! I have units with Efficiency a few ticks under 100%, but with a Major General leading the Corps, a MG leading the Division, and a MG at the head of the brigade, I can't amass but a Command of 80-ish. What's a prudent feller to do? My only Lt. Gens are running Corps.
  4. TechnoSarge

    Unit Naming

    For infantry, I am using Corps-Division-Brigade-extension. An example is II-3-2-LR, meaning II Corps, 3rd Div., 2nd Bde, long range. I use LR for weapons shooting > 300 yds and ELR (extreme long range) for 400+ yds. Cavalry: Corps-Division-type, as in II-3-Melee. I do not have more than 1 cav brigade in a division (sorry, no cav corps!), thus the shortened numbers. Aside from Melee I use "Carb" as the other type, signifying carbine-armed. Artillery: Corps-Division-piece. As long as I can get and afford 12 guns, all artillery units have 12 guns. The piece is an abbreviation, like "10pdr" or "20Parr" or "Napol". I may have more than one arty unit in a Division, but they will be different pieces (usually 1 smoothbore and 1 rifled). Skirmishers: Corps-Division-Skir-extension. I only use the extension for ELR (extreme long range) when I have it as I would not arm skirmisher brigades with short-range weapons; LR is assumed. If I kept commander names or "elite tags", I would have to memorize my army organization in order to keep sorted on the battlefield. Well... I'm not often sorted on the battlefield anyway!
  5. TechnoSarge

    Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    I'm reading multiple allusions to "damage" in the firearms stats as if everyone understands its effect. I don't! I'm sure that if I were hit by anything from a musket ball to the hugest Miniè, I would be hors de combat. I have not seen anything from the devs about this damage stat. What does it really mean in battle effect? And where did you get your information? To me - it's shoot often and hit what you're aiming at.
  6. TechnoSarge

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    Actually, that is part of my question! At the end, I asked about Command skill holding the unit back. In the case shown, there was no problem... but I didn't know that before choosing that unit to illustrate. Your previous answer cleared up the issue about the two-color bars. A mighty "thank-you"! It's good to know how perks directly influence the unit.
  7. TechnoSarge

    Interpreting Unit Cards in Camp

    I've read the entire in-game guide; it does not answer this... In camp, your brigades are characterized by bar graphs showing Command and so on. What I don't understand is why the tips of the bars are a different color. Is it to show unachieved ability because something else isn't high enough? If so, what do I need to maximize the bar? In the example shown, the commander is a Brigadier General. Surely that's adequate rank to keep from holding back these troops? (And yes, I did equip this brigade with captured weapons!)