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  1. Licinio Chiavari

    Regulation of Middelburg of 1760 A.D.

    Well, from an historical perspective, it was way more realistic than bulkload of ships sinking... Or masts being sniped @200+ mt.
  2. Licinio Chiavari

    Missing ship

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Licinio Chiavari

    Missing ship

    Good day, excuse me: any news from your side? Thanks in advance.
  4. Licinio Chiavari

    Missing ship

    Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. Best regards.
  5. Licinio Chiavari

    Missing ship

    Good day. on last Sunday EU evening my VIXIT clan mates capped a Bucetaure (teak/wo very fast with kiritimati masts) N of Placentia. I joined them after battle and we berthed in Placentia to resupply and to decide what to do with the ship. It has been decided to give me the ship to move her later elsewhere. Cabeza de Perro (capper/owner at the moment of the ship) was unable to trade me the ship in port probably due to missing OP there. Still he was able to put the ship for selling for 1 (one) gold to let me buy her. I bought the ship. Cabeza de Perro got the confirmation message (ship sold to Licinio Chiavari for 1 gold), but I didnt get the ship. I wrote a ticket immediately while in game. I didnt receive yet a reply. If needed we have a video of the minutes (from Cabeza's perspective). Is it possible to have you look at this is issue and solve it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Licinio Chiavari

    Determined Defender Perk

    As stated, a full crew Connie will not be able to board a full crew Indefetigable. Realism FTW. THANKS AGAIN.
  7. Licinio Chiavari

    New Repair is abit unbalanced

    No: a badly damaged ship CANT BE REPAIRED TO FULL EFFICIENCY (not to speak about reviving ppl or recovering wounded) in 2 days even in a shipyard. Not to speak about at sea... not to speak about during a combat. Almost any naval combat (and not only) is decisive with only full commitment... distance is only a function of technology. That said. Repairs did not add "indecisiviness": there's no "indecisiviness" in a clearly known amount of repairs. Secondly: in my opinion are repairs allowing and making viable the kiting. Without repairs there'll be no kiting. Simply engage or try to retreat. You kite granted your superior gear and knowing you'll recover 30ish% of your full stats every 10ish minutes. To be honest, from a naval warfare perspective, "kiting" simply doesnt exist (aside the case of a faster longer shooting ship vs. slower and with shorter range guns = Battle of Falkland 1914 - the end of von Spee's squadron). Or you engage, sometimes not at closest range to be able to - may be - disengage if being badly hurted or you flee. From a time wise perspective: our ship are already too manouvrable and fast (in respect of rate of fire) in front of historical relation about the time to take and how many broadside you could fire in the same time. No sense considering a battle ingame 1h30' as lasting a day. And ANYHOW: real repair underfire was impossible... not to speak about to such extent. Aside getting a good position with a better crew and or a better ship... 1800 naval combat was a bloody clicky bam bam matter. Again depends on what's skill: aiming? or avoiding an unfavorable position? or unfavorable battle? or finding a favorable one? We are confusing tactical skills, strategic skills and "manual skill": in this game even the best tactician will bloody lose to a stupid one simply better geared and better at aiming. So the question is again: what's skill? or better: WHICH SKILL. A screenshot alone doesnt tell how we get to this end. I saw too many battles with a bunch of ships against a few or a lone one... ended with some or total loss from the stronger side and nothing on the bottom one. Simply because the few ones' ships were so overgeared that only super light ones (normal) could try to catch them... offering often themselves as a sacrifice to may be allow the group catch up... but the catch up could not happen because the light tagger got sunk and the lone raider is able to repair more and more times his sails keeping his speed advantage... he has mainly thanks to his super gear. Without infinite repairs a single good raider could kill 2 medium same size ships... but in the end he'll die to the third or forth being unable to repair... AND THIS IS A DAMN MORE REALISTIC OUTCOME OF A DAMN BATTLE 4 TO 1 IN ANY SIMULATION PS: it's a sandbox... with the most prominent characteristic at the moment being combat.
  8. Licinio Chiavari

    New Repair is abit unbalanced

    I was a bit dis-loved of the game. This last post looks to me as an invite to quit: the issue of eternal ships is another edge in favour of gear: if I miss super speed stats and gear I can hunt such ships lightening mine... Reducing my reps on board while 5/5 very fast Trinco can be teak/wo and overloaded and still being as fast as a fir fir medium geared 5th rate. Saying a ship in combat can repeatly repairs hull, sail and crew back to full efficiency is realism is the most crappy statement I ever heard or read in 30 years of wargaming. This means this issue of realism, repeatly reported in forum, will stay. Thank you.
  9. Licinio Chiavari

    Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    True. Still skill is built doing PVP. And why should casual player engage in even PVP 100% getting sunk by superior gear AND skill every time... and 90% times learning nothing being ganked too? And why should a casual not rich player should risk a ship (especially a modded one) if replacing losses is a pain? So why the casual/new player should engage in PVP losing time and resources gaining nothing 99.9% the time? So, conclusion, how casual/new player can skill up?
  10. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    Still newcomers need to keep playing for a while to become vets. Humiliting them could nt be the best way.
  11. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    I am wondering: are we discussing how to have more ppl joining pvp... Or the contrary?? Check list= Are vets better than casuals? Yes. Does skill matter in this game? Yes. Does gear matter? Yes. Does good gear cost? Yes. Are vets able to better equip their ships and consider them more expendable? Yes. Is the sum of these 5 "yes" whats making fair pvp less viable and enjoyable for casual players (and less targets for vets too)? Yes. From a dev point of view, how can he reduce these yes? A dev cant make noobs better nor vets crappier. Nor he can cancel skill from equation. Can he make older vets poor? Yes, still usually not a good idea. What a dev can do is making gear being less important... Like reducing stackability, nerfing bonuses or a mix, and reducing a lot differences between cheap gear and expensive one... As I posted a few pages ago. Only reducing gear gap and nice fitted ships costs you can make casuals accepting the high chance of being sunk.
  12. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    "I" wasnt referring to me. In general as I joined and joined fights I should avoid economic-wise
  13. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    I should rightfully avoid risking a costly ship against a more experienced player on a ship probably better geared than mine too. I dropped some reasonable thoughts. Now we are moving totally out of target IMO
  14. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    It ll drop even further. The more aggressive an enemy will look, the more expert he'll considered... The more likely the casual player will avoid the Battle. @admin replying to ideas (not only mine) for reworking perms/books stackability no?? Banned?
  15. Licinio Chiavari

    Unequal battles

    And I forgot to underline I lost a Constitution Teak/WO+VerySturdy, not a my far cheaper raider Renomee... and main reason was... I ended hull repairs... because, not being able to spend so much on perms, to keep my ships as fast as possible I count every single repair I think necessary... and I did not espected to fight a so long battle.