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  1. Missing a bit the point. I do agree boarding mini game is silly and needs a complete rework. We got this. As we got other terrible mechanics (needing the list? you usually have more or less my same one). But boarding gives usually a reasonable/realistic result. So better than others. Is really people asking to get rid of boarding altogether, in a 1800 naval combat simulation? Or making (even more than now) even less viable? And this, granted I was only suggesting how to get into pvp with even less economic commitment than proposed by Death.
  2. May be you missed some parts of my post. I know boarding is ping dependant. Still it is only when the battle is very close gear and skill wise. But granted, as I supposed and noticed, 90+% people has zero clue (I lost count of people committing suicide counter-attacking me) and are not boarding fitted, having some ping will not hamper a cheap boarding raider from killing a good percentage of potential targets.
  3. Yay and nay. Everything matters when the fight is very close. But, granted 95% players are a) not fitted for boarding b) have no clues about it or c) both, ping in boarding will not matter. As a few percentage points less in attack neither. We were talking about the topic "how to raid and get some practice and PvP marks without selling your soul". And I pointed out: you can tag the "wrong one" (a mix of skill, experience, ship, fitting). In that case, nothing would save you.
  4. Licinio Chiavari

    Crafting of Refits?

    Being crafting indipendent, farming PvP by themselves, spying enemy chat. Alts = the true P2W.
  5. Licinio Chiavari

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    I bet he'll do the same. He'll get ganked 2 times in a row (probably one time by me 😎 ). Then he'll move in another part of the map. 👍
  6. Licinio Chiavari

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Majority of NA players look like not having an idea of what is real ganking/griefing ("OMG they attacked me in safezone! BAN PVP!" - reply: "try EVE online") and grinding/farming ("WTF I play 5 hrs/week, why not endgame gear for me!?" - reply: "try WoW vanilla and after 1-2 expansions") in other MMOs. Really. NA gameplay is quite relaxed.
  7. Licinio Chiavari

    Crafting of Refits?

    I hope that too.
  8. I have been a 'normal' (your definition) player for long time. By chance I got more time in last 5/6 months, not playing other games and finding (finally) a nice clan, so I am less normal now, but I remember. And as normal player I did what Death said, with my personal trim. Elite Spanish is really useful only on some ships (those using the downwind escape route). Dont use them. Use good upwinder (like Surprise) with Bovenwind at best (= 400k in place of 4M).
  9. a) do you prefer to play demasting game vs. a true veteran? b) so you want to be on par (almost) gear wise playing a fraction of an old veteran and also being able to choose how to fight? c) as I noted, everything will be experience and FARMING. So allowing getting more skill and better stuff. d) in the end there are 2 not so rare drop book useful in boarding: Boarding Axes (that's have a well exact niche of use) and Nassau Fencing Masters, that has a limited bonus over "normal" books. e) the only shiny book in boarding is Five Rings. That has some nice bonus but nothing really OP over normal ones. Just to say I got mine by like a week: smoothly boarded hundreds ships without. And indeed I use it only for full Attack bonus fitting. f) so the total bonus from 0 rare books to the best in boarding is like +3% attack: nice but negligible. So the "hope they dont have better mods" argument doesnt work (aside that attacking the veteran boarder is within the case "attacking the wrong one"). g) also ping would matter only vs. the above noted "wrong one". Vs. 90+% of your prey, it will not matter at all.
  10. Licinio Chiavari

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Standing ovation.
  11. I read a lot of fine suggestions, as usual granted the author. In the end I moved exactly the same way. With an extra trim: - I played alone, so I hunted (and hunt too often) alone. - If I hunt alone I need to be really fast. - But I had no shiny stuff. - So I need a light built ship. - But a fir-ish ship cant fight stronger builds ships toe to toe. => So I will board them. And good boarding books setup is "free": marines, muskets, grenades, boarding parties, melee training,... All for a few CMs. Even a basic Perm (Nassau boarders) goes for like 400k (IMO better Speed as Perm, still, if possible). Find a proper target, zoom in, slow him down (chains: using well the few available broadsides is useful, forever), get downwind at close range, push-pull-kill. Get too much damage? Too much time to push him? Disengage. Repair to try again or move to another prey. It was far easier 1+ year ago: not prepped nor board geared ships stand zero chances against similar crew full prepped and geared. Now it's harder (still DD, now less; but barricades, buffed brace defense...). But "random Joe" prey has zero clue about boarding. Got no clue about boarding? Ask around. Or train vs an AI; start vs smaller one. Check the melee/Firepower/round kill-death and preparation values depending on your actions, and AI action. Basics are simple. And this will lead to the first "next step"' killing a bigger (prolly not smart) prey, sterncamping him first. How to sterncamp will help you forever, and also you'll learn how... Not being sterncamped: another lifesaving ability. And even starting as a noobish boarder, you will still fight, getting experience... And you will see you aiming better... Or using better your sails. Simply thanks to practice. Note: you'll hit sometimes gankers. But you are in a pretty fast ship, so at least a basic hope to run. Also you'll end attacking the "wrong one": shit happens. Keep observing: you will lose the ship (quite cheap) but you will get some extra experience. My two cents.
  12. This. Ban top 3 ranks buying and sailing BCs.
  13. Licinio Chiavari

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Here we got really two good points. Especially the latter. Or the ACRA (alternate current realism argument) party really think that there were an hundred 1st rates battling at Trafalgar?
  14. Licinio Chiavari

    PvP Heat Map

    Right yesterday, also due to a mix of: being hunting alone, a bulkload of British in their safe zone (and stopping the chase on border if 2v1, keeping it 4+ v1) first, then Prussians tagging me, and then being tagged by Brits (then someone asks why it is not smart hunters tagging each other in enemy safezone) and at last a bunch of pirates too, joining both sides (??); I did a 3 hours trip out of safezones and freetown usual hubs (like LT and Tumbado). Guess how many players I met. ZERO.