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  1. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    With the premise I see this patch as good... and without repeating my standing about demasting possibilities... On posting numbers... They should be. Always... not by chance being normal policy in majority of successful games. These informations should be easily available ingame too. A ship is not defined only by her top speed. Full sailing profile should be in game... as in patch notes... As should be clearly visible/calculable effect of sail refits. As should be clearly available number of repairs needed for each use. As mast sections HPs (both in port AND in battle). I should not have to build a ship... and then look in OW for an AI trader to attack to test her speed at different angles... or simply to check required repairs per use. As it's a shame, sorry, I have to test myself the effect of a Spanish or Pirate refit on a ship... especially now being so huge bonus/malus. All the above is ANOTHER gift to hardcore players: because they have more time to make these tests and they have the resources to waste an Elite Refit... while one a bit more casual or not super-rich has not. These are issues. People ingame... wants first and foremost to play... not wasting half time in game to find out informations they should have and that they have in any MMO. That said. Good patch. Still testing some stuff... and thanks again to make Constitution... TURNING!
  2. Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    Thank you for underlining something I repeated a lot. Demasting happened. A lot. Not purposely aiming balls to masts at 100 mt. Period.
  3. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I know. As far as I remember Connie is a better upwinder than downwinder atm... and indeed has a quite high percentage of jib looking at other ship. So Connie should benefits more from Pirate refit than Spanish one.
  4. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Pirate refit looks nothing exceptional in Connie... I'd like to point again that jib/main sail power mods looks barely working if ever in her.
  5. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    So in real combat, on a faster ship, I have to fire to enemy (something having to change heading in a, chase-wise, stupid way) or he will disappear... And not simply closing in and starting firing when I am confortably close?
  6. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Looks like things goes further on while dinning @Matunin First I’m not heated. I could look like, still I’m not heated up… using my language I’d be able to show more auto-irony (aside better technical words) and clearly a smoother attitude I am, evidently, not able to do in english. Then you pointed out some my possible errors… for example I said chain shots from French… that was obviously in adequate range… and balls at longer. About RN, I do remember pretty well that in the first AoS and Wooden Ships and Iron Men (by Avalon Hill) British ships were forbidden using chains. I remember too I looked around some quotes and I found them… still I have to go to my parents’ home and then dig a bit. I’ll try to recover something acceptable. I’d keep very simple about mast stability. Try to break a mast with stays/shrouds and without. On an old racing boat, the Star, stern shrouds were called (italian) “flying”, because you had to tight the upwind stern stays and unlock the downwind one when (due to a tack or turn passing on running with the wind) wind side changed. Well… if you badly time that manouver, without any damage to mast (obviously), on a simple fresh breeze… you’ll lose your mast. Instantly. And I know because when I was a teenager I was with my father on one… with quite strong winds. Running with the wind, on a wave our bow entered in water… my father (damn fastly) unlocked upwind stays to avoid risking sinking in the wave… knowing, as happened, the mast will simply explode reducing wind thrust to zero and allowing bow to come out water. Try to sail even only a pair of trousers without stays/shrouds… and you’ll break your mast. BTW “selfstanding” masts are quite recent technology… used for example on Laser boats (build in 70ies) and in the well famed “Maltese Falcon” (an interesting futuristic 3 masted “square” rigged ship): worth, just out curiosity to see her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltese_Falcon_(yacht) I do agree that cutting a mast with a decent number of holes (or a simply one adequate) will make the mast falling… still, as I pointed out in another post (I can redo trigonomy calcs) at 100mt to hit a mast more or less centrally (to avoid a ricochet - remember, a ball against a cylinder) your possible error will be under 0.3°. Nothing even close to 1800 guns possibilities… especially on a rolling ship going at full speed (meaning at full sails with fresh breeze like in game) against another moving ship. So I do agree that masts could be hit, still a solution to simply ban purposely aiming at masts has to be in place while “spray and pray”, on the long run, could work - still probably would work a lot more and a lot faster close range chain shotting damaging so much stays that mast will simply fall. On a second your post, you said we should talk about precision. And I do agree… As you note, still, I never said that a ball cant break a mast. I repeately said, a ball CANT BE AIMED AT THE DAMNED MAST… still IF BY CHANCE hits it, could damage it, can break it… or can make it falling ESPECIALLY if shrouds are badly damaged. I rarely rage while gaming: I’m here to relax… nobody is happy losing, still something bearable I could rage if losing a game calling for realism… due to a not realistic mechanic I will NEVER use nor I do not want to learn (I tried with demi decent results with AIs… still I’d contradict my position using it myself. And surely I raged losing a 5v1 battle for a mix of ineptitude and bad game mechanics (infinite repairs AND mast shooting). Anyway I’m still here… at least because I like the ancient good times… and war simulations. @TommyShelby If it’s similar (mast shotting or chain shotting) why every pro captain here ball fire to masts and never (almost) chains? If it’s so balanced now (better than previously at least), when you fought with OneDhead (not exactly a noob… ) he lost all three masts mid sections in like…? 3 broadsides? 4? Distance? I was closing, not sure, still surely not a close range. Let’s say over 100mt? And dont argue (at least with me) that he was on a Connie and you on a S.Pavel… granted Constitution masts have similar stats to SoL ones: so you could do the same to a SoL. Then I can argue that sail firing under 50-60% is almost ineffective… so “de facto” you can reduce a ship to this level. Keeping firing at sails at that point will only hurt you: doing almost nothing. And a ship at 50% can still manouver, slowly… still she can. A ship losing 2 masts (so being around 35% sails) cant. And a ship losing all… is still and still she’ll remain. You argued that my idea of reducing mast hitbox is wrong… because it should be big as we see the mast and should be this way right now. I’d agree with you IF your precision would be comparable with real naval gunnery of the time… but as we know… it’s far superior. So or we badly reduce our ability to aim - with a lot of changes in game… and may be even an unplayable (and so un-enjoyable) game… or we let ourselves being super gunners aiming at hull and sails… but making next to impossible to hit masts if not by chance. And this can be reached making the hitbox smaller. Very small. As repeately stated: I do agree to make something less real for sake of gameplay… I get angry and bloodthirsty for something unreal AND a bad mechanic - like demasting at the moment IMO. About numbers. I would make only an example. At the moment more PVE oriented players are clearly TERRIFIED of going PVP, even in numbers. A lonely Renomee like mine bearing a name nobody could remember on leaderboard… make far bigger ships often fleeing or waiting to be at least 3 Indef+Endies before starting an (unuseful) chase. Why? Because too many times battle ended in 3-4 broadsides… when they lost their masts. It is possible now this could be better… still you vs. OneDhead make me thinking we are well afar from solving the issue. Last note about game mechanics and not understanding them. FIRST: finding detailed information is a PAIN. As stated a lot of times: we need (ESPECIALLY BEING IN DEVELOPMENT) detailed and updated sheets of ship/perms/books/perks/… easily available. It’s not possible that we have to test out in game (costly sometimes) or make an inquiry at the Library of the Congress to find something. Second… well, I think I was one of the first US players (post merge) spamming FR Rig refit + Winged out ballast (as a minimum) on all my ship I suppose to engage good demasters (so in Coast Defense duties). Consequence: I (and others) lost 2 ups on our ships… against people who is better than us (absolutely fine); who (thanks to bulkload of PVP marks + tons of gaming hours) has an edge available ups on board (a bit less fine - still ok), and in the end has 2 more ups than us knowing medium players simply do not demast (definately less fine). Not by chance I wrote about overgearing now damaging balance between vets and younger more casual players. And do not argue… it’s fine. In all MMOs the gap (balance wise, not speaking of heritage cosmetic stuff) between newer and older players is rebalanced every year with new shiny stuff… that way the “pro” got the super gear today the crappiest and least playing gamer will get one year later. On the contrary you really espect new players coming, learning a complex game… and in place of enjoying it, going farming PVE for 6+ months to be at least competitive gear wise but learning nothing almost of PVP? Is this in your opinion a good way to get and retain new players? And that said. PEACE AND LOVE… we’ll see in the future and we’ll meet in the seas. Regards. PS: NEVER FORUM WAR WITH ME... BWHAHAHAH PPS: no idea why I can toggle off Bold...
  7. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    The problem, Sir, is mine, not yours. I said (repeatly for sure, my apologizes) simply that NA level of precision is out reality. While firing at hull or sails it doesnt change a lot a faster paced battle, coming to demasting, it changes the tall ship fight completely creating a 'meta' completely unreal. So only way, IMO, to address this is making demasting something impossible to aim for... being simply impossible at that times. As I said a way could be making a mast falling a chance bound to sustained sail damage (far more real) and or making mast hit box very small aside mast HP buffs. Without aimed demasting battles will move back to manouver and gunnery and choosing between speed (full sails) risking crippling damage to rigs or slower and safer (more conservative battle sails). Next step: reworking boarding, still keeping in mind, that it was the end of a great share of engagements. I'd say more options but no last second tricks (like every 15 sec round choosing how many men commit to defense, attack, reserve, firing, just to say). About majority... Excuse me, but every evening there are 500/700 people on line, so... Almost 1000+ regular players. How many write here? A few dozens, majority of them (including you for example) good or very good at demasting. No one ever thought that kite+demasting+repairs could be a reason "carebears" do not fight even in numbers? Because even in numbers they can be smashed and humiliated even by a single "pro". So: why should I have to risk my ship even 5v1 if against good demaster I'll lose her anyway without even sinking the enemy?
  8. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Same realism of purposely aiming (and HITTING) at masts at 100+ mts away at full speed. BTW, I'd quote the most famed: Orient during Battle of the Nile. If you missed the sarcasm, it's not a problem of mine (aside not being english mother language)
  9. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Again... << in hopes of knocking away an important spar >>. All said. About my erroneous statement, please clarify how is damn possible to aim (having a real chance of hitting, aside 'spray and pray') with a 1800 gun to a mast of a full speed running ship at overdose 100 mt from a rolling deck of another full speed running ship. My statement about demasting (consequence and aimed for) was said to underline the utter impossibility to AIM AT MASTS AT COMBAT RANGE. So the good ol'french fleet aimed chain shots (RN almost not using) AT RIGS (and not at masts - again impossible) to slowly cripple... And a mast falling was a consequence of stays/shrouds damage. And we should discuss about who is born first: was rig shooting the tactic and so the downwind positioning (to aim guns higher) the consequence, or the choosen tactic was staying downwind (to be able to disengage), and shooting at rigs (due to ship heel) was the consequence? If you're not intellectually honest while reading and replying, we have an issue.
  10. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    So it was a nice battle even without demasting? Incredible. For some looks like we should play DEMAST ACTION. TBH even smaller ones should not purposely demasted... Being impossible... Still a step in a more balanced and enjoyable game for ALL
  11. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I know. Losing a mast is far more crippling... And should NEVER happen among similar sized ships at 200 mt within first 2/3 broadsides. Back in topic... @admin what about pine yards and false keel perms?? Total waste now with spanish/pirate refits this way.
  12. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Demasting historically was a consequence, not aimed for. We do not need two ways, and one still far better than other, to cripple a ship, as we have only one way to sink her: zeroing the hull. Rebalance only sail damage... And may be starting using Battle sails? As historical? Demasting was an event... And a growing mast failure at under 70% will be reasonable + random hits eventually. Only case in truth of aiming at masts was at musket range and almost still ships (and very calm sea). Again... In the contrary I say "I want to be able to aim to magazine and seeing the ship exploding". As stated that too happened.
  13. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Sail damage isnt sufficient? And under 70% growing chance of a mast fall?
  14. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I read of history, mainly military, by 30 years. I was a navy officer, I sailed on TallShip and I am a sailing instructor. Alma Mater: Genoa University... naval enginnering. So may be I have a clue. Would you like chance of exploding because some hits penetrate the magazine? And granted laser guided balls, veteran players purposely aiming where magazine is with penetration/precision builds? And you dying after 3 broadsides? I suppose no. Still also explosions happened. I suppose not a nice add to the game. Masts fell, sure. In 99.9% chances during prolonged battles, with serious rig/sail/stays/shrouds damage... That in NA should mean SAIL DAMAGE, usually better done with CHAIN BALLS. Not purposely aiming 1800 guns ball loaded from a rolling deck to another full speed moving ship. Period. It happened mast got hit, it happened, they broke,... Still making a mmo wargame about Age of sail ship a "snipe masts" game makes it unreal... And this is not something making the game better FOR MAJORITY of players. I do agree in something unreal (like ship handling) for sake of playability. Not something unreal making game experience worst for majority of players.
  15. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Best gunner in a barely more realistic situation. Again: 1. Aiming at masts is totally unreal. 2. It's a game mechanic that doesnt make the game better for majority of players. 3. It comes with a bulkload of balancing issues. Conclusion: better get rid of it. As said, let's try a month with demasting nerfed to nothingness