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  1. Bayou Forche

    When I played it for the first time,I simply knew that frontal assault would have been suicidal,so I only placed one brigade close enough to the river to delay them together with all artilery if they try to attack me,and I koncentrated on the flanks,first routed enemy skirmishers with my detached ones and one unit with sharps rifles on enemy's right over the river,than anoyed the entrenched enemy brigade over the river there until my 4 brigades arived to overwhelm them and crosed the river with 2 brigades in one and other 2 in second eshelon.I also used mu cavalry there to counter the one enemy had while I was advancing on to the fort.Meanwhile,on my right,I masked my 3 brigades with detached skirmishers and moped my way to the east of the fort,where my forces converged.While my cavalry and skirmishers kept their cavalry at bay,my brigades attacked the fort from north and east,enemy brigades there routed and all I had to do was simply mop them up.Only thing though is that enemy then vent in direction of that lone brigade,which kept them at bay,and luckily,battle ended before something bad happened.
  2. The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    Does anybody think that it would be a good to have Chatanooga campaingn as a sort of way to actually slightly repair a damage done after Chikamauga?It would have a small battle of Lookout mountain and a grand battle of Misionary ridge,together with it a smaller battle of Ringold gap. As to why I say damage,it's probably just amy personal thought,but I just recieved quite a whiping at a Chikamauga as a Union,I had almost 70 k soldiers at the start,and on the day 3,diference in numbers was (even though enemy got far worse losses than me) Union 61,000 vs. 93,000 Confederate.I had over 30,000 losses with enemy loosing over 60,000 but it wasn't enough to even pull a draw.