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  1. I name them as i wish. If the name is cool, then a unit has it. Don't care about the realism or what kind of guns they have
  2. Hi everyone, i played UGCW a lot, i love this game. But everytime i start a new campaign, i fear the battles after Chickamauga. I don't have problem with assaulting fortified positions. What i don't like is that it's not worth it. The losses are just to high, for me to resplenish using the money i won (i have maxed the political, training, and economic trees). It kills the fun. This is probably due to the balancing issue. In several battles i had to defend a position while being outnumbered 2 to 1. This part is pretty easy, but then, i have to conquer an enemy position. How the hell am i supposed to do that? I understand that the game is recreating historical context, but as a player, i want a chance to win the battle i fight. I don't want to go straight to the next grand battle because i can't win/it's not worth it to fight the minor battle. Am i the only one feeling this way ?
  3. I just played 2nd manassas with my 2 corps CSA army. I had no problem winning, and wasn't that much outnumbered. You just need to occupy the forests east of the walled defences so you can buy time until your reinforcement come.
  4. One of the issue in the game so far, are the multi day battles. Whenever we enter the next day of a major battle, the units should have replenished their ammo. Also, they should have their morale and condition back at 100% (or aroud 80% to see the impact of the previous day). It's frustrating to see that my units are exhausted before the beginning of the day. An other example: In Chancelorsville one of my cav unit had routed juste before the end of the battle. The next day, it was still routing.
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