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  1. Jack Aubrrey

    VCO Takes the Black!

    Interesting choice of VCO changing nation. BLACK had informed us a few days ago and our clan [HYDRA] has been holding off fire on VCO for the past day or two at Tumbado. Missed a nice opportunity on capping a VCO L'Ocean at Belize but oh well, BLACK told us in time. McManis and I were on good terms from our random confrontations there so I'm happy he has no hard feelings for when/if he goes pirate. @Sir Texas Sir They have always had loads of 1st rates around in major GB ports, not news but nice to see you have a screenshot of it. Catch you guys at the La Navasse PB, good luck and have fun all
  2. Jack Aubrrey

    [PvP GLOBAL] George Town is about to explodeā€¦!!!

    Sounds good to me.