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Found 3 results

  1. Evening gents, in the list below you can find every published skin according to the "API". (06/Dec/2016). A structured collection of pictures can be found in the posts below. ✔ = picture in the thread | ✖ = no picture available so far | *new* = introduced with the patch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Rates -> Shortcut to 1st &2nd Rate pictures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victory - Brest Harbor ✔ Victory - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Victory - Pink Royale ✔ Victory - Rouge Noir ✔ Victory - Swiss Guard ✔ Santisima - Brest Harbor ✔ Santisima - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Santisima - Pink Royale ✔ Santisima - Pinstripe ✔ Santisima - Rouge Noir ✔ Santisima - Sicily ✔ Santisima - Swiss Guard ✔ L'Ocean - BlackRedWhite *new* L'Ocean - Brest Harbor *new* L'Ocean - Marseille *new* L'Ocean - Montagne *new* L'Ocean - Sangre *new* L'Ocean - SolidLine01 *new* L'Ocean - SolidLine02 *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Rates -> Shortcut to 1st &2nd Rate pictures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bucentaure - Brest Harbor ✔ Bucentaure - Candy *new* Bucentaure - Pink Royale ✔ Bucentaure - Savannah *new* Pavel - Pink Royale ✔ Pavel - Sicily ✔ Pavel - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bellona - Brest Harbor ✔ Bellona - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Bellona - Pink Royale ✔ Bellona - Sangre *new* Bellona - Swede Dreams ✔ Bellona - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agamemnon - Candy *new* Agamemnon - Classic White *new* Agamemnon - Pink Royale *new* Agamemnon - Savannah *new* Agamemnon - WideStripe *new* Indiaman - Candy *new* Indiaman - Roux *new* Indiaman - RouxClassic *new* Indiaman - Swede Dreams *new* Constitution - Rouge Noir ✔ Constitution - Sicily ✔ Constitution - Swiss Guard ✔ Ingermanland - VarnishedBlack *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hermione - Roux *new* Hermione - Unite *new* BellePoule - Brest Harbor ✔ BellePoule - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ BellePoule - French ✔ BellePoule - Navy *new* BellePoule - Rouge Noir ✔ BellePoule - Swede Dreams ✔ BellePoule - Unite *new* Cerberus - Carota ✔ Cerberus - French ✔ Cerberus - Navy ✔ Cerberus - Swede Dreams ✔ Endymion - DarkBrownMaxV *new* Endymion - EnglishMulticolorStyleMaxV *new* Endymion - GreenClayMaxV *new* Endymion - MontagneMaxB *new* Endymion - MustangMaxV *new* Endymion - SantaCeciliaMaxV *new* Endymion - YellowClassicStyle2MaxV *new* Endymion - YellowClassicStyleMaxV *new* Essex - Brest Harbor ✔ Essex - Pink Royale ✔ Essex - Rouge Noir ✔ Essex - Sangre ✔ Essex - Sicily ✔ Essex - Unite *new* Frigate - Brest Harbor *new* Frigate - Classic White *new* Frigate - Navy *new* Frigate - Rouge Noir *new* Frigate - Swede Dreams *new* Pirate Frigate - Outlaw *new* Renommee - Barra ✔ Renommee - Brest Harbor ✔ Surprise - Brest Harbor *new* Surprise - Classic White *new* Surprise - Pink Royale *new* Surprise - Rouge Noir *new* Surprise - Sangre *new* Surprise - Unite *new* Trincomalee - Brest Harbor ✔ Trincomalee - Pink Royale ✔ Trincomalee - Rouge Noir ✔ Trincomalee - Roux *new* Trincomalee - Sangre ✔ Trincomalee - Scarred ✔ Trincomalee - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brig - Roux *new* Mercury - Roux *new* NavyBrig - Rouge Noir *new* NavyBrig - Roux *new* Niagara - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Niagara - Rouge Noir ✔ Rattlesnake - Outlaw *new* Rattlesnake - Roux *new* Rattlesnake Heavy - Outlaw *new* Snow - Roux *new* Snow - Unite *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pickle - Roux *new* GunBoat - FireShip *new* Cutter - Roux *new* most of the picures are from Jeheils "Post your coloured ships here"-post. I am not trying to undermine it, but find the best pictures for the paintjobs for other players to look at. So please help out by posting the missing paints in sweet quality so i can add them and eventually finish the list. OR if you have better shots of an existing picture please upload as well Feel free to add your ships and feedback in the comments. To get the best results pls wait for clear weather and daytime. Also use CTRL+H to hide the UI. Imgur galleries are also appreciated. aim is to have finally pics with the following criteria for each skin : - high resolution - no UI - sunny weather best case we have 3 high quality pictures: side profile, slightly from behind and slightly from the front. (like the Vanilla images are) (whenever possible pictures with UI or low quality will be exchanged) To keep the posts compressed use the spoiler syntax when posting pictures: Spoiler-Title [spoiler] -----> ALT+ENTER Spoiler-Inside -----> ALT+ENTER [/spoiler] If you dont have the specs for high graphic settings i would be happy to lend your ship for a quick screenshot session - given that you are playing on PvP One. 1 Niagara Niagara - Vanilla Version Niagara - Classic White (ex. Black Chequer) Niagara - Rouge Noir 2 Cerberus Cerberus - Vanilla Version Cerberus - French Cerberus - Carota Cerberus - Navy Cerberus - Swede Dreams 3 Essex Essex - Vanilla Version Essex - Sicily Essex - Rouge Noir Essex - Brest Harbor Essex - Sangre Essex - Pink Royale 4 BellePoule BellePoule - Vanilla Version BellePoule - French BellePoule - Classic White (ex Black Chequer) BellePoule - Swede Dreams BellePoule - Rouge Noir BellePoule - Brest Harbor
  2. Having the Colour Blind option in Battle is great and its appreciated that this mode was introduced very quickly after I first raised it on the forums some while ago, the simple colour change was an instant success. Open World and In Port UI is however still troublesome. The issue is Red text I and others who suffer cannot see it without extreme eye strain. This text appears above enemy ports in the high seas, and also in the crafting menus when insufficient parts are available to craft the current highlighted recipe. When Colour Blind mode is selected for your game, could the same colour variation be applied to the Red Text in Battle and change it to black on white background or otherwise highlight with different colurs and or shades. Many thanks in advance PS Edit. Also Red text is used to highlight enemy fleet nationality. personally its unreadable and I just know it isn't my own Nation which is white text
  3. I happen to be one of the 10% of males in the world who are affected by colour blindness. An extremely high proportion are red green sensitive. This makes it difficult or impossible to see certain aspects of the game. Floating player name friendly or enemy,,,, not possible to discern, you have to alt to player list look up the player as ally or enemy and then decide your action, meanwhile you may have suffered damage or missed opportunities to score damage. Target Marker, again missed opportunities or taking damage while you try and double check location of marker for firing correctly. (Marker is only easy to spot against pale sky due to contrast of colour. when it is against, land, sea, ships or even dark skies this marker can be very difficult to spot.) PVP map edge marker Options to select information to be displayed from a reasonable pallete choice would be ideal, as not all colour blind sufferers are sensitive to the same degree, or to the same colours and shades. A simple 'win' would be to offer a medium/pale shade of Blue to be used for enemy names and targeting marker, pvp map edge is not bad but perhaps some kind of additional visual indicator could be used ? ocassional shimmering etc. I hope you will consider adding some form of colour blind mod for final release. If it is hard for people to understand the issue, imagine trying to play the game without half of the screen GUI Thanks