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  1. G'day folks. Yet more suggestions for yet better gameplay. Enjoy, and let the good times roll. * Duplex rangefinders should be available; options for whether main guns also have rangefinders to minimise the loss of accuracy when main rangefinder(s) are hit. Number and sizes of rangefinders should have rudimentary options- none, one, few, moderate, many, maximum options. Rangefinders could also be a placeable structure, assuming implementation of the structures system indicated earlier, instead of abstracted options, with each rangefinder being individually modeled and it's effect on accuracy individually tracked. Also would be nice to include rangefinder blind spots. * All turrets should be individually searching for targets when set to aggressive fire-mode; including main and secondary turrets, so we can get all our guns blazing when surrounded, as I prefer to be. * Battleship ambush defence should not include merchant ships. If it does, that's a very unfair convoy defence, as even a maxed-out battleship ain't killing that many light ships before they drop torpedoes and ruin your defenceless and ignorant transports. * Save tabs- at the top of the saved designs window, an extra button to switch into your universal saves would be appreciated. This would preserve function and cleanliness of current saves window but permit persistent saving of designs. I'd also like filter controls to filter by type, weight, modernity, etcetera as I plan on creating large libraries of designs. Now, this final part might be controversial, but I would like this tab to allow me to construct other nation's ships, assuming none of their components would be unavailable to me from a technology perspective. Again: if I want to build ships that look the same as my enemy's that's my prerogative as the ultimate fleet admiral. Some nations just get plain screwed with their available designs... * Near miss damage: large-calibre HE should cause some shrapnel/splash damage, and AP that falls short on trajectory to hit the hull below the waterline should be modeled. * We should be able to click the "some guns have poor sectors of fire" warning and be brought to the offending turret and have it blink for us a couple of times. This is so we can actually know what turret is causing the issue. * The new turrets with little gunnery nests on them are quite nice. Now can I please have an option to not use them, so I can use the old generic ones so they'll fit with barbettes? Better yet, a simple option to remove the nest so I can properly put a superfiring turret over it would be ideal. * Please set all armour preset values to balanced figures so I don't spend ten minutes getting the weight balance perfect only to find that the ship has 500% more aft deck armour than fore deck armour, requiring a complete redesign *after* I think I'm nearly done. * In the Fleet tab, the tooltip keeps getting in the way of what statistics you're trying to look at. Redesigning it so that information is displayed in a dedicated window to the side would be ideal. * In the shipyard for ship design, there's a large dead space where the keyboard move buttons and the mouse movements are all ignored. Please increase the bounding box in which these functions work. Suggest making all space that isn't a button or sidebar accept these inputs. On the sidebars up/down buttons should scroll the sidebar we're mouse-overing. * Speaking of the shipyard, it would save me a lot of effort if the engine efficiency and pitch/roll values all displayed the same tooltip as the sidebar provides. Please. * Aim high and aim low settings would be appreciated so we can exploit poor superstructure armour or aim to hole the targeted ship. * When about to initiate a battle, the window that opens causes the countries, warscore and fleet dispositions tab to fade into inscrutability. Respectfully, don't do that. There's no reason for it and in the current build there may be several consecutive battles scheduled for me by the AI between which I cannot check this tab. In fact, stop making those tabs impossible to close; I may want to order new ships or adjust my spending as a result of the battle I just finished and there's no mechanical reason to stop me. * Convoy escort missions are just not acceptable in current build if you want your game enjoyed or sold. It is literally impossible to protect your convoy from long-range torpedoes, even if your whole force is immediately sent out to meet the attackers, along any relative bearing, the AIs super-torpedo ships are going to fire on your escort force with the rapidity of a machinegun and as you evade you'll inevitably attract salvos that can go on to hit your convoy ships. The crux of the matter is detection range and initial force placement. RADAR is supposed to detect things in plenty of time to respond to it, and even if not (or not available)you're going to have a far more satisfying game if these battles are remotely under your control to win- maybe lengthening the distance between the starting would help, as might reducing the range of torpedoes to nearer their indicated maximum range, or PUTTING THOSE CONVOYS UNDER PLAYER CONTROL and ADDING AUDIO AND VISUAL CUES THAT A SHIP IS ON COURSE TO TAKE A TORPEDO, that latter two being highlighted as they alone will fix this issue without making every convoy defence mission a drudgery of waiting to make contact. Also, if the convoy ships are going to be under AI control, whether we set them to it or you force us to use that alone, then they should follow Mr. Piccolo's advice and DODGE! 'Coz trust me, we're begging them to. I reiterate: all ships under AI control should be using AI dodge-hacks, a term which will be replaced with AI evasion when it becomes more accurate than the former. * Related to the former: please stop letting the AI build super-torpedo ships with literally a hundred or more torpedoes on them each, ESPECIALLY in historical build mode. No-one actually did that. Just we armchair admiral wondered about doing it. Even the Japanese didn't go that far with their most outrageous designs... * Make AI dodge-hacks less noticeable. It's immersion-breaking. Reduce all values that they exceed the limits imposed on a player ship by at least 50% of the difference, preferably 100%. This is a priority concern. * Fleet tags in campaign are way too big to function right, both for ports and ships. Interface is messy and unwieldy; I don't feel very in control of my ships... * Fleet tags could use the silhouette from the designer's plan to show us the heaviest ship in a given force, thus communicating considerably more information than they do now. It would also be comparatively simple to do, too. * I'ma repeat myself: light ship spotting mechanics are not sufficient. Being fired at by ghosts also isn't sufficient. Most other games mitigate this by having the ship that fires balloon out it's detection range by up to 50%, but my primary desire is to get RADAR and SONAR mounts to exist and have more realistic ranges regardless of what they're mounted to, except a slight range buff *for free* by being mounted higher- say, on a BB mast. This bonus should not be *that* high, as it isn't in reality. No more than 100%. Again free from a weight perspective- same RADAR module, same weight- but it should be a roll concern as in reality. After all, that weight is very high up on the superstructure and that's how you get roll. * The dispersion of guns in the current patch is so poor as to be offensive to the Youtubers playing the game (though admittedly, I never really paid it much heed, understanding how the math behind this system works and that the displayed rounds are merely a visual representation of that math). Anyhow, relatively easy fix: reduce the maximum dispersion of the shells being animated by say 30-50%, especially at short ranges, just to improve the aesthetic, if not affect the performance which seems adequate for this stage of development. Nice work making the fall of shot from the same turret look realistic, though; even War Thunder couldn't pull that off. * Please have speed stat display to two decimal places, as it already actually accepts inputs down that far and adjusts the ship's weight and stats accordingly but doesn't actually show the difference (except by the altered stats). * I think we need a mini-map. I am having severe trouble tracking all the ships involved in larger encounters... * Would like an "assist ship" order; for when a ship is critically damaged. Allow us to send another vessel to rescue survivors (adding them back to the trained crew pool after battle) and attempt to stabilize the ship in trouble, at the risk of potentially losing the rescue craft. This will add a new dynamic for damaged capital ships and give us an organic objective mid-battle; we may find ourselves trying to fend off attacks while we complete a rescue or salvage operation. Dedicated salvage ships also appreciated as a long-term stretch goal. * Flagships suffer a -15% accuracy malus due to being out of range of the flagship. Hilarious, but better removed. Okay then, as ever feel free to cite both liked and disliked ideas to allow the devs to better understand our wants. Happy hunting, Admirals. o7
  2. I love this game, but formations really stress me when playing and aren't well implemented. 1. Attaching ships is really tedious. I can't simply right click on a ship I want to attach. I have to choose a lost of ships in the task bar, which is made as tedious as possible because you can't see the names of the ships. 2. I can't place my ships the way I want before the start of the battle. Why is it random? I want the freedom as an admiral to decide the formation before battle, than working with a random arrangement. 3. Ships break formation if one of them is damaged. This is nonsensical. In a formation, all ships go as fast as the slowest ship.smd and shouldn't automatically break. It's useless when if the lead ship suffers engine damage, it tries to go to the back. Why is this mechanic here? It does nothing useful. 4. Bugs. When in the avoid torpedo mode, one ship goes crazy making evasive maneuvers, and 80% of the time bugs out and moves in circles, never reforming. This isn't a problem with formations per se, but the bug makes formations too much hassle. Better to pause and micromanagile each ship.
  3. Until better implementation of the convoy system is complete, please display percentages down to two decimal places, so I know if I need more transports to stay at a given percentage. Identified enemy ship classes should be viewable outside of battle, so we can check out their builds in a more calm setting. Implement via mouse-over of enemy fleet strengths for a given nation displaying a drop-down list of identified classes, which clicking will lock open so we can click on individual ship classes and easily tell how many you have seen but not immediately sunk. Repair costs for the final month should scale off actual damage. The AI has a nasty habit of bruising every ship in my force, and even though they're still at 99-100% integrity, they still cost the same full price to scrub the scorch marks off the hull that a ship that got gutted by a torpedo would cost that month The warning for guns having poor sectors of fire is broken, and will display when there's one gun on the ship with near-perfect coverage. All hulls should have a flush-deck option, available somehow. I already hate the oversized towers we're forced to use, I don't want to be forced to use a ship designed solely for frontal main gun layouts (like the new French battleships). I reiterate: I would like to be able to add or remove everything on every hull until it's a flush-deck design, and add or remove those cutouts and additions as I desire. As it stands those new French battleship hulls are my new most hated hulls in this game. Please stop, URGENTLY, making these hulls the only option for a ship of that size for a given nation. The Dunkirks (excuse English spelling; French is hard) were both ugly and not suited to defensive tactics; I don't wanna have to build them because you built the hull so no other option is available. Flush-deck setting, PLEASE. Stealth17's circular battleship video shows that the game can in fact support much more manipulation to hulls than the designer currently allows. Please widen those sliders concerning width and length to the maximum they can support without causing serious issues. The Russians dd actually make circular battleships- I'd like to at least get close to that if I don't mind making hideous monstrousities. Further, whatever is making the game lag out during designing of all heavy ships requires some attention. Draught remaining limited to what ports could reasonably support is however already as far as it needs to go without save file manipulation. Requesting permission to fire: when a ship has an excellent torpedo or gunnery solution on a target but is currently under orders not to fire that weapon, they should have an indicator that essentially represents a commander bitching to the admiral that they have a clean shot and they want to take it. All I need is a flashing icon shaped like either a torpedo, large gun, or small gun (use the extant icons in the fire control options menu) coloured in green to indicate, "I wanna use this weapon on my target, admiral!!" It is difficult to order a ship to cease maneuvers. Attempting to use fine mouse control to order forward rudder is time-consuming and not suited to high-intensity battles. I'd like a "steady as she goes" button and a manual entry ability for rudder controls so we can type in desired rudder settings while paused as the mouse accuracy needed to achieve this currently is not presently a realistically viable option. The Let's Players and I struggle with that interface; I request it receive some attention. Would like a "hull material" button, with steel, aluminium, and wood being my first three options to stock the choices pool. Tiny ships in the world wars periods were often made of wood, as it was well-known that a heavy hit would simply sink them anyway if they were made of steel. Would like torpedo trackers on both friendly torpedoes and observed enemy ones. A green or red coloured line indicating their path would help. It need only be visible if one of the lines intersects with one of your ships' courses, as they could and did calculate that in real ships. Would like an option to increase the investment in torpedo launcher traverse speed, like the extant one for big guns. Again, I would like fine control over this on a turret-by-turret basis. LSM (R) type LSTs carried rockets. Those rockets could conceivably hit ships. Rockets for late-game..? Would like to customise ship designations. DLs and DDs are not the same. Nor are DEs the same as DDs. I can't differentiate that right now; I have to manually select the ship and assess its weapons to determine if I have an intercept destroyer, a destroyer leader, a support destroyer, a fleet destroyer, or an escort destroyer. And that's just some of the stuff currently crammed under "DD." Don't get me started on other ship types... Early tech-tree ships have minimal customisability beyond what size guns to fit and spending your leftover displacement. Implementation of any of several ideas I have already presented would fix this; in the meantime just flush-deck hull options for all in all time periods, please. Yes, your exceptionally limited options *look* slightly better but I don't care- their extreme lack of customisability makes them obnoxious to build- it feels like I've made the exact same ship a dozen times. It also makes early naval academy missions just plain slogs to get through. No, I *don't* want to spend an hour watching three ironclads slowly expend their entire ammunition supply into each other, please; nor do I want to do half of the missions I *did* do in that academy as they were plain boring. They don't get interesting until fairly late in the academy (say, one-third to halfway through) and that is a flaw that will drive new players straight outta the game. Would like working searchlights that mitigate aiming penalties at night. Give me something else to place in those turret slots. Larger searchlights, more mitigation. Would like some basic automatic orders, like having my intercept destroyers start tacking without constant player attention. Some basic evasion patterns can be coded in without too much difficulty; they may even benefit the AI as it develops. Would like more *gameplay-specific* information from just about all tooltips. It's mildly interesting that radio direction finding is a thing that was used to find ships in real life, but what is it's *gameplay function?* That's all we need in those tooltips. Save history lessons for the loading screens. And I *like* the history lessons, and still feel compelled to say that... I want to know how much of a penalty I get to aiming for having mixed batteries and when it applies. Maybe adding those two-inch guns to my destroyers is disrupting their accuracy- it doesn't look like it but I can't tell that anywhere. More ideas as they brew up. Feel free to cite the ones you do and don't like by quote; otherwise the devs can't tell which ones we really want and which are secondary priorities or even plain duds. Brainstorming is like throwing shit at the wall; not all of it will stick...
  4. *****G'day. I now have enough time in-game to offer advice. Here's a substantial list of suggestion topics. Points to raise as suggestions- batch 1 *Manual target selection options; I want to be able to launch just one launcher at a given target. I'd like to be able to fire each *tube* individually, but I'll settle for each launcher. I don't need my destroyers emptying their entire stockpile into a transport that only needs one or two. Ties into another idea; where mouse-overing a weapon icon would bring up a separate simplified ship display that only displays that weapon type, say two inch single mounts (current display is too busy to easily read; look at World of Warships for inspiration). To complete implementation, I want to be able to click that weapon icon, locking open the simplified display screen, and then assign a target to each of those weapons by clicking them and then a target. Applies to guns too. For double points, make the individual weapons display individually show reload status for each mount (I suggest green colouration for ready to fire, fading from red through yellow when freshly discharged and reloading, and have them blink purple when they're currently bearing on a target they can reach, or blink pink when they can't bear on their selected target). I can never remember, in a heated battle, which torpedo launchers have fired and which are ready to engage, and the current display only displays the *longest* cooldown for that weapon type which is very unhelpful. *I also want a manual firing solution order to fire torpedoes on your personal command- select a bearing, watch the torpedo aiming reticule appear telling you were the AI would fire if it was commanding them, and you can manually fire with a "fire now!" button once the launchers train, roughly when those torpedoes line up with the targeting line (this allows targeting the AI ships doing the incredibly effective steady slow turn tactic to avoid all AI-fired torpedoes by firing them inside the AI commander's targeting line, thus predicting where that curve will take them). in general, the launchers will work better if selecting a torpedo target pre-trains the tubes in that direction, as I wouldn't need to have an agonising wait between authorising torpedo release and those launchers having to turn from travel positions to firing positions, which often causes me to lose my destroyer unnecessarily. The alternative is to let those destroyer miss wildly if left to their own suicidal devices. Seriously, around a quarter of my fleet at most will have launch authority at any given time as they don't anticipate friendly vessels occluding their path or backlighting the target. *The underwater tubes are often unresponsive even when presented a perfect target at point-blank range, and have no 'having to traverse into position" excuse. Widen their firing arcs to correct this for gameplay reasons. At least thirty degrees for all mounts, but I'd prefer fourty, twenty either direction. *Display torpedo launcher current orientation with green shadows on battlefield when each launcher icon is mouse-overed (so we can tell where the damn things are pointing) and have them show red as they traverse through parts of their firing arc when they can't fire without landing a live torpedo on your deck. Again, to reduce frustratedly yelling "Fire, damn you!" at our captains as we all so often do when there's no explanation for why they're not doing so. *Allow avoid torpedoes button for ships not in a division. If the AI gets torpedo evasion hacks I want them too, while controlling all other ship functions. I'm going to use manual control almost all the time but mate sometimes the battle winds up in three or more places and I can't be everywhere at once. Effectively, as a fold-out menu from the AI Control button we have now, I want the full "AI Control" button, and I want an"AI Helm Control" only button, in addition to an "AI Guns Control" button and finally an "AI Torpedo Control" button, in case one feels suicidal. Two of the latter three buttons should be able to be turned on simultaneously, but selecting all three just flicks the ship over to the first full ship command button. *Have a button for detach all ships from divisions (to save pointless micro at start of every battle). Better yet have an option in the pre-battle screen to detach all or even better create your own formations and place them in the positions you want. *All weapons should be capable of independent firing- if a ship has secondaries (or spare primaries) on it's other side, I want them to fire on any targets of opportunity they see, instead of being only able to target one thing per entire type. I see my cruisers and battleships just ignoring free targets because they're focusing all the secondaries (which I remind you ring the ship's superstructure) on something else of their other side. It's even possible for the ship to be locked onto a craft it can't bear on, leaving them silenced entirely, when other valid targets existed. Effectively, I want a behaviour coded to take guns currently out of axis of engagement to engage whatever it can reach, unless under player direction. *Unrestrict barbettes. Entirely. I want to place them wherever they'll fit. Screw whatever dumb idea it was to implement them in current form. *Unrestrict number of main guns placeable on early ships. *Allow use of outdated techs, weapons, towers and hulls. I want to use 200 tonne torpedo boats late-game. Also I may have reason to use old hulls for other things, and I certainly can want to use cheaper components for some vessels to save costs. Furthermore I *hate* being forced to use only one of each tower module simply because the devs decided to tie a noose around my creativity's neck- this game has strong creativity tool elements, *don't* restrict them. It's counterproductive and indefensible from a design perspective to remove older options that either look better or better suit my current design needs. On a related note: *I'd like non-barbeted options for all towers that have built-in barbettes with the same stats excepting lower weight. Keep the secondary mounts- I would like more of those actually. But I have to go many towers back in the quality list (assuming you even left me that option) to get weaker towers to mount my heavier guns without having a mixed main armament. Of course, having those towers open a fold-out menu that offers different barbette sizes including none would be just perfect.. *Build times should be affected by cost. My five million dollar escort-type destroyers should not take as long to build as my thirty million or fifty million dollar super-specialised destroyers. *RADAR and hydrophones should be modules, not a modifier to towers. Adding RADAR to a destroyer still leaves it essentially legally blind for spotting purposes, and that's not how that worked historically. Further, it shouldn't cost a thousand tonnes plus to add RADAR to larger ships. Have them be attachable modules that fit into specialised slots on towers and under hulls instead- with towers limited by modernity and size to mount larger RADAR systems, often with a spare on the back with less range and maybe some side ones to aid fire control or short-range spotting, and hydrophones and SONAR being mounted under the hull- again, with at least two slots please, so hydrophones can be combined with SONAR to get maximal short range detection and overall better close range coverage but also keep the wide search value from a SONAR, the same way I envisage multiple RADARS of different sizes all acting together to increase detection chance for each RADAR spotting and how close they are versus their detection profile. No graphics needed for hydrophones but spinning receiver dishes would be appreciated. *Would like to be able to armour magazines in addition to current options, to reduce flash-fire and detonation chances, and effectively permit the use of increased shell and torpedo complements and heavier shells without being a particularly impressive firecracker. Sometimes, the weight would be very worth it... *Would like modern torpedo boat hulls, please. They'd be a lot easier to add than subs... *Would like to advise caution in sub and carrier implementation; sub encounters are shockingly boring most of the time in other comparable games. Carriers could trash all balance very quickly too. I was enjoying just having surface combatants sans carriers, y'know... *Would like to alter how transports are implemented. Instead of them being "universal" and auto-generating at each encounter, I'd like to be able to build them myself (with adjustable hull sizes and preferably several different hull options), so I can personally choose to arm every transport in the dang fleet to the teeth, and/or give them RADAR and underwater detection. Further I want to control them- start them as they are, already retreating, just let me over-ride their orders as needed- I'm meant to be the ultimate admiral, after all. I can make use of some armed transports in some of those battles. Would also like to be able to build dedicated Q-ships and use them either offensively or defensively. To implement, have a second fleet tab for merchant ships under the fleet menu. When a convoy is created, each route should pull ships from this pool as needed, selecting either the cheapest ships by operating costs, the most defensible ships, the fastest, or can be manually swapped out with whatever the AI selected to make mixed fleets before being created. With each merchant ship being tracked individually- Q-ships (or normal transports, if one desires) should be able to be transferred into use as normal warships, albeit poor ones, and presumably in desperation or for ploys. Conversely, warships can be sent to be transports which gives them medium combat penalties for being overloaded, but allow the warships to serve as emergency transports as needed. This would allow fine control over which convoys are prioritised in times of shipping shortages too, by taking ships on or off convoy routes. This would also allow the dedication of warships to specific convoys as escorts- from each convoy route that needs filling, you could have a button labelled "assign escorts" that allows the selection of ships either by name or by map selection. This would make for a nice jumping-off point for: *Invasion fleets. Selecting some suitable port should have an option for "Create invasion fleet" that allows packing troops into merchant ships, preferably landing craft and passenger transports (with the merchant ships, they should be specialisable into cargo, fuel or passenger transports during creation, see above, with either being able to perform the other tasks at reduced efficiency) and assigning an escort of warships. These fleets could then go attempt to occupy an enemy province, making it far cheaper in the peace deal and providing some of that province's income to the occupier in the meantime. Would also like to include landing ships, which though being military ships are sent to the merchant pool on completion of their construction, so they can be stuffed with troops as aforementioned. They'd mainly serve as targets to destroy before their arrival that improve invasion efficiency if they get to land. I don't necessarily want to include modeled ground combat- that *sucks* in Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail- but I do want to launch and repel naval invasions, modeled simply as troops, munitions, military equipment, fuel and supplies depleting each others local stockpiles until one side loses-the remainder of the invasion fleet would then have to go home, providing another chance to attack it. Provinces that directly neighbour others should be able to use their troops, munitions and military equipment (modeled together for simplicity), supplies and fuel to invade that province without the use of ships. See War at Sea for inspiration- I never want to see an actual person modeled in this game, please. *Would like light machinegun and other AA mounts, but assume they're on the way. A simple M2 Browning can seriously hurt a destroyer, especially if there's lots of them, and I want more light ship options that would make good targets for them. All AA mounts should be able to engage surface targets too. *Would like fleet tenders and support ships. Refueling ships can add range to task forces once implemented, munitions transports can rearm ships at sea, hospital ships recover lost crew and return it to the crew pool (whilst also being a source of major opinion maluses if you sink them), seaplanes tenders can scout an area, increasing favourable encounter rates in a given sea region, etcetera... *Would like to be able to demand more money from my government when in dire straights, possibly at cost to naval prestige and unrest. More economy decisions in general would be a good thing, too. *Would like to fight port strike battles in sight of land, both blocking some avenues of running away from the cowardly AI and allowing ships to engage shore defences, which is something they did a lot of in reality. Such defences should be simple; for each port map (and you won't need *that* many; re-use them as needed, we understand dev-hours are finite) there should be a grid to place defences: gun batteries, essentially a concrete platform that you mount extant naval turrets to; torpedo launchers that must be on the shoreline but work the same way; breakwaters and quays to make safer harbours for your ships; AA positions for the upcoming carriers; RADAR installations to increase port readiness if attacked and provide better interception near shore; minefields and sub nets to help make it dangerous to approach or enter a port. These would be built like ships- you place a simple template and then after sufficient time the structure completes construction and becomes a usable defensive work, and its costs reduce from the higher building cost per turn to their relatively minimal operating costs. They should naturally consume upkeep, but be cheap both to build and maintain compared to warships. Similarly, they should be mothball-capable, so unneeded defences can be abandoned. Some basic civilian structures can be modeled as well, providing opinion maluses if destroyed-raid an old SimCity-esque game who's license expired or were never filed for models if required. Related note: *Would like to be able to build naval academies in provinces. They can stay unmodeled, but provide more crew per turn if built or captured, in exchange for upkeep. Alternately, you could make a structure model for placement on your port maps that can be shot up if desired. Naturally, I would like to be able to mothball them. As a possible extension of this, I'd like to be able to invest in arms factories that make more cash over time, essentially obviating the need to spend cash on civilian-made guns, armour and munitions. You could also add drydocks, armour smithing facilities, heavy gun foundries, and other things required to make heavy ships, with losing them seriously hampering your ability to use tech upgrades- better Krupp technology is useless if you don't make the factory to produce it, and the armour thicknesses available could be gated by the armour smithing facilities being too underdeveloped to actually make the dozen-plus-inches of plating you want on that super battleship. Similarly, guns could be limited by factories being large enough to make them, and carrier planes could require factories to replace- even torpedoes need to be made, and that factory could be either a province upgrade or a port model. Ground-based airfields can be included the same way. *Would like mothballing to have a slider that goes between unmanned but completely maintained (no deterioration) and completely abandoned, where they would slowly lose integrity until they eventually become completely unsalvageable and are scrapped for a pittance. The rate for that deterioration should be slightly randomised, to reflect how some ships and defence structures simply last better than others when abandoned. *Need to be able to upgrade port capacity. Presume that's coming. Would like to be able to make my own ports from scratch, too. *Would like to be able to interact with neutral ships. Even if they use extant and planned merchant hulls, it'd add some life to the empty expanses that are sea battles now. Also, sinking them will tick off the owner. *I want to add smoksecreen generators to whatever ship I please. They're cheap, weigh very little in naval terms, and the Germans proved they work well to protect heavy warships time and again. They could also be a port structure that provides protection to the gun batteries present to defend the port, and any ships anchored within. Gun batteries on land are already notoriously hard targets, adding smoke would make a well-defended port capable of holding off a decent force even if empty of ships. Ground RADAR would also be nice, where it'd serve to warn the port an attack is coming- modeled by having the defences already fully manned and functional upon enemy arrival, instead of needing some time to reach full effectiveness. *Depth charges should have a manual launch now button too. If I can sink surface ships in War Thunder using them, I bet I can manage it in this game too... *Would like to be able to sell ships for profit, or get or make your own orders for ships to be made by other powers that are friendly enough. Half-built ships can then be realistically seized if war breaks out unexpectedly. *Would like smoke warnings to continue for unspotted ships even if one or more is currently visible. I often run into the convoy escort without ever seeing the transports because a battlecruiser or heavy cruiser is spotted early and then all warnings stop. Smoke warnings should only stop when all active hostile craft on the map are visible. *Would like to see the introduction of structures to place on hulls. Simple boxes, cylinders and other geometric shapes that we can both intersect with other components like towers to change their appearance and install casemate weapons into and turrets atop them. Provided the R and T keys rotate function sticks after mouse movement, which has to happen regardless for quality of life complex configurations of these structures could be built on our ships almost freely. More complicated structures with multiple mounting points that can function as additions to the towers (possibly providing another rangefinder, torpedo spotter and damage control station for the ship for the big ones) and compatibility with extant barbettes could allow more faithful recreations of historical ships and offer more variety than just picking the two towers that currently serve as our only choice for ship design both aesthetically and mechanically- which is boring. Add connective components to link separated towers, raised funnel mounts so we can make our towers not look idiotic when only one (if we're lucky) mounting point is offered by a tower combination, outcroppings we can mesh into the towers to add a second tier of raised secondaries so they can superfire over the beam or connect barbettes to the towers, simple wave shields and rings to surround turrets (save making those aggravating designs with "fixed" mounting points where placing guns effectively would look stupid or worse be impossible... Make the base hull in a realistic shape, but leave placement of wave shields, coloured rings, national decals, etcetera to us, please. This simple thing can solve many problems. For the dev-time needed to make a few new hull and tower combinations we could have near-total creative freedom to design ships- these thing are boxes and other simple shapes with decking and ladders and such. Make them weigh virtually nothing unless they're mechanically functional (say, they have a turret mount on them) in which case make them weigh what that size barbette should plus a little but make their weight scale barbette and superstructure armour. I especially want to connect my barbettes to my towers so they look like single structures- then painstakingly arrange neat rings of AA mounts all over the top of them. So long as sufficient clearance is given we should be able to build directly over our extant turrets and add more things still- ruining our pitch and roll values but looking spectacular. Furthermore a list or nurnies and greebles would be nice too, even if they don't add anything mechanical, though I'd like to add say air intakes to slightly improve engine efficiency, hull hatches that increase crew survivability in the water (see later regarding hospital ships and rescue craft), my own casements to hulls with enough freeboard for it, and lots more. A structure I particularly want is the whole upper deck on battleships and battlecruisers so I can make versions of them that don't guarantee a huge forward offset if filled uniformly by lengthening the nose sections so the casemates are more evenly spread, using several sliders if need be. Which brings me to: *So many ships just have intractable forward weight offset due entirely to their build- like those battleships and cruisers with raised casemate decks which build historically have 30% fore offsets. Also, side underwater torpedoes also seem to favour the front weight-wise, worsening the issue substantially. This loves happening with early designs where your options to fix it are giving the ship a non-uniform main gun load or just wear the huge offset penalties. More options in general for these many hulls of all eras up to 1930 (later if you keep using them to make cheaper battleships) ships is a huge desire of mine, as in making the latest ones as customisable as possible *I want light torpedo boats and motor gun boats. All the way through history. Use the extant models for now by never obsoleting them but please make a few later models too please- they are cheap and cheerful and great at responding to air threats due to their natural speed. Two hulls per nation should be enough and they're tiny and won't take long. And yes, I *would* like to put a RADAR module with a fixed and decent ten-twelve kilometres range on them, because, y'know, they did that. *Would like quad, quintuple, hextuple and octuple mounts for secondaries, with the octuples having two layers of four each, one stack atop the other (or other arrangements- surprise me). Ever seen an octuple pom-pom? That's nearly an octuple 2-inch gun. Would like quintuples and hexruples for mains too. Just because it *wasn't* done doesn't mean it *couldn't* have been; plans were drawn using such things if never completed. *Otherwise uniform main guns in different sized turrets (like the Pensacola class) can both share ammo and not take an aiming penalty for mixed main armament seeing as they aren't mixed at all, and the game doesn't accommodate that. I'd like it to. If my three different sizes of two inch guns all use the same shell they should be able to pull from the same pool. *Light cruisers should be able to be use four and five inch guns as either mains or secondaries. Mogamis, Brooklyns, and more all were light cruisers, were built during this game's active period, and mounted five-inch secondaries. Of course, for these weapons to show up secondaries you'd need a main gun larger than the ones you want as secondaries. Destroyers with five-inch or six-inch guns should consider everything beneath that secondaries too, and the Germans proved you can make a six-inch armed destroyer and it works fine too, so I'd like destroyer to have access to six-inch primaries in addition to secondaries up to five inches. Cruisers should be able to consider all guns smaller than their mains as secondaries. Worst case scenarios these ships should be able to use guns two sizes smaller than their mains secondaries. But a destroyer with one 2-inch gun on either side but a primary battery of five inch guns shouldn't be penalised with reduced aiming times for them- also I want more fine control over said destroyers' munitions choices; their fives can engage a cruiser with AP while the twos engage transports with HE. ***** If you made it this far, good work. You still understand the value of reading :) More ideas will likely come. Some will be awesome, some may suck and be ignored or even ridiculed, some will just be basic improvements, but I feel most of this is useful. Thanks for reading,
  5. Hi, just a new player here who enjoys the game but wishes to provide some feedback. At some point the following may have been suggested already or may be in game and I haven't found out yet. Controls: Guess I'll start with formations and the "lead ship". Besides detaching a ship from a division, is there a better way to take control over a ship? There also seems to be an issue with ships slowing down from their max speed if another ship in the formation gets nailed, is there a way to prevent that? I also have a hard time with moving ships around in the divisions so maybe adding a way to place ships in whatever order you desire since I think the furthest most on the left is the lead ship. It would be nice if I could change the bindings, but i'm fine with the current system. Also, what's the deal with the speed selector on the bottom right? Does it say your current speed or just what speed you want to go? Also also, the manual turning option should really have a key bind, maybe a control mode button and a camera control button to switch between the two easily or non-accidentally. Maybe a user close up camera direct aiming mode so you hit more when you are close and adds some of that sweet broadside magic. Formations: Just a gripe but, the ai seem to do ok when getting into a straight line, but when asked to do a side by side formation, they go around in circles. Could a possible fix for that be assigning each ship in the formation a spot according to their current distance to navigate towards? Or maybe a prebattle formations and placement settings so you don't have to wait for your ships to get orderly? Cinematics: I think it would be cool to add a cinematic mode button that shows the camera angles of shells in flight or right after impact, maybe some epic rewinds of critical hits and flash fires. Oh, and epic torpedo montages. Custom battles: For custom battles, are you able to set the weather? Not that changing the weather is important or anything. Also, a more expanded options panel for custom battles would be nice. An option to customize your opponents fleet would be a nice touch, that way I can fight 20 destroyers with many tiny guns against my torpedo only destroyers. Maybe a setting for compressing the distance so you can see all of the action happening at once or... Camera magic: maybe a split screen mode that show the guys you are shooting at on the top and one on the bottom that shows you getting shot. Both would have to have their own adjustments and lock-on's set separately. It would also be nice if you could zoom in super far to inspect damage or just admire the models as they do their thing. UI: It would be nice to have a panel somewhere that has some basic information about the enemies in sight, like distance to target, chance to hit, type, if it has torpedoes and if you could right click to target that ship from the panel that would be great. Oh, and maybe a custom UI option would go a long ways to enjoying the visuals. Mods: Are there any? If so, what form do I need to go to to figure out how to use them? Is there a dedicated mod folder? If not why? Oh, and to any developers who wander past. There is good inspiration to be had from an old cheesy game called: treasure planet battle at Procyon. Mostly in the form of zoom angles, camera attaching, ship dismemberment, repairs, unique bullet holes, unique ships that the player can't use (unless they edit the text file), faction specific weapons and aiming for specific parts of a ship, unlike you get to choose in Ult Admiral though. Well thanks if you read this far, fair winds and following seas to you sailor.
  6. Good Devs, First thing, Good job on the User Interface - It is really an improvement over 2018 I hope you're doing good. I have couple of improvements to suggest for your User experience. Sorting things and organizing your stuff if a real pain at the moment. here are the reasons why I find it really frustrating: 1) Sorting Button doesn't do what you want. Have a warehouse full of upgrades? Sorting them out will not sort them in icon order or the picture they represent. Sorting should be called more - Stacking. As it stacks the resources/upgrades. Wouldn't it be great it could sort/stack the the upgrades by the icons in order? 2) No Upgrade Names: Since the upgrades isn't sorted automatically in the icons, You do it that way. But when you want to add more upgrade to your warehouse, It's frustrating to find which stack is which upgrade. For instance I have a shot ration to add to my warehouse but I have 6 stacks of the same icon. powerder ration - guatacca gunpowder - alemeria gunpowder - chain ration etc. All of these have the same icons and you have to move your mouse on the top of each upgrade stack to know on which stack to add your upgrade. So If it could be possible to add names on the upgrade is the sorting isn't improved then That'd be grade. Or let it be a option. like show on/off upgrades/resource name. 3) Shortcuts not working in everything If you didn't know, Control is to select multiples items and then drag and drop moves them at the same time. and the alt button moves the upgrade to the cargo of your main ship. great. But it doesn't work on all cases: Upgrade chest for exemple - cannot control+click the upgrade in there? Cannot move it to the warehouse automatically with the alt button either. Can you make another shortcut to make that easier for the upgrades from your warehouse to the upgrade chest? why not Shift+alt+click to move an upgrade to your upgrade chest? 4) User Interface too big... You cannot fit all the windows at once on the UI. 1920 x 1080 isn't big enough. You at least need 1440p to be confortable. Is there a way to reduce the User Interface please? 5) Doublons Chest Not big enough I do remember doublons replacing Combat Medals. Combat medals was gain by 100th. So reaching 10 000 was not easy. But with doubs today people are spending alot. Whether it's for investements trade you definfetly need more that 10 000. Just see the price of a seasoning shed or a shipyard level 3. How anoying is it having to teleport and spend 12 doublons to move around doublons? Please make the doublons chest bigger. That'll make trading much easier. I hope you take note of my suggestion because there will make the game so much more appeasing. I hope I'll have some support of some players to my post but I feel like this needed to be said. May the wind be with you Kind Regards. Paulo de Antigua
  7. Hi all, The drop-down when you hover over your character name and rank should always be on top of all other windows. Currently it is behind all other windows. When I want to check my labor hours or XP, I want to do it quickly and easily, not have to close all the windows I have open first. Short & sweet, I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing... Devs, thanks for continuing to work on the game, looking forward to the ship/cannon/BR rebalance!
  8. Whenever i click on something the game acts as if i was scrolling. This mostly effects sliders to the point where i adjust displacment and it automatically reduces it back to the minimum. Same goes for the speed of a ship in battle This only happens to ui elements, the game itself doesn't zoom out when in battle. Tested mouse and keyboard inputs to make sure they are working properly. Tried the repair tool and restarting the pc, nothing fixed the issue.
  9. The title says it all, basically. Hotkey options to immediately open cargo holds of fleet ships would be a nice little quality of life improvement and should not be too complicated to add.
  10. I like Port Quests ====> Events Tab , but it feels something wrong or immature with this. Every week the events resets, patrol missions reset with server maintenance. So sometimes I forget to redeem my patrol mission rewards, sometimes I forget to take "weekly frigate" or "weekly light ships" missions. I check my status and I see zero kills, I know I have killed few, than I understand I forgat to take the mission. My basic quality of life purposal : 1) All events starts for everyone or everyone who has selected a tick box "automaticaly start event for me". *** Patrol Zone is visible on the map, there is no more "I forgat to take mission" problem, there is no more "where is the patrol zone" question. Everyone is aware of the patrol zone thus increasing awareness for even the new players. *** You can monitor how many frigates or other ships you have sunk on the events tab, no more "oh crap I sunk 5 frigates but forgat to take the weekly frigate mission" 2) Patrol Zone reward is given automaticaly at certain time, may be 1 hour before the server maintanance or another fixed time. Rewards section already available on upper right of port screen. So you can take your rewards directly from there. 3) All missions are announced on your screen with a small achievement tab. "Patrol Zone tier 2 completed, 20k damage dealt", "weekly frigate mission completed", "5/12 snows sunk for search and destroy mission 4"
  11. Very simple suggestion. You've added Important Announcements at the login screen. When you click on it, it's simply a list. The suggestion is put a date on the announcements, so first you remember if you've seen it before when you read it, and secondly so it is more readable when you add more to the list.
  12. A few of my friends (for some crazy reason) primarily play with Y axis inverted. This is a big enough problem that they quit / refund immediately when they discover it's missing I'd love to get my whole crew involved and this low-hanging fruit is a major barrier.
  13. Can't find any of the old posts, and I know it's been discussed in the past, but this suggestion has not been developed even though the UI has been worked on and it really needs to be done. DEVS: Divide up the cost numbers with some punctuation. I don't care if it's commas or periods, but please get some clarification and ease on reading costs. For example, the attached pic is a clear attempt at deception by some troll in Fort Royal. Why do we need to put up with this? In general we simply need more readability, that would apply to every time you list any gold or other monetary figure with a minimum of 5 or 6 digits.
  14. Fleet ships need to be buffed, re crewed with humans or have dramatically improved command options. One of the single most annoying aggravating/infuriating elements of NA is the utter uselessness of fleet ships to do anything more than carry cargo. And before anyone uses the counter "just sail with clan mates", I'm in a clan, a Rear Admiral & rich, yet it is still almost impossible in today's NA environment to find any player in a clan or otherwise, who will escort your 3-4 Indiaman for 3-4 hours at a time.
  15. Suggestion: Radial chat menu with pre-set phrases during the battle instance. Details: It could look like or this But ofc more nautical like ... Would be used for teamchat only. Commands I could imagine: engage more closely reduce sails hoist more sails prepare tack retreat concentrate fire get into formation break formation everyone for himself Need assistance Attack A,B,C Defend A,B,C Pros: less typing in battle clear and easy to understand (especially with localization in mind - english speaking player uses "engage more closely" and the german player will read "näher ran an den Feind") reduces impact of voice chat helps deaf people Cons: Battle chat spam
  16. Players active in the forum hear about game changes. But it's my observation that most players I talk to in game rarely (or never) come here. The game should not be dependent on visiting a separate website in order to learn of new or changed mechanics. I hope the new UI shows the most recent patch notes on login as well as a link to past notes.
  17. Tentative date of its first appearance? After the xmas rush and all the big sailing model changes I can see the server population is now starting to drop off abit. Needs a new spark.
  18. Ok simple enough question from a player less than 3 months into the game I bought a fir / fir plank surprise. This should have a basic speed. Struggling to find any websites or info with up to date information but players have been trying to help added 3 permanent upgrades to try and make it faster, reasons don't matter it was a plan i read about by Mr Koltes before the speed nerf Bovenwinds, Gazzelle and Crooked Hull which should alter the speed by 6% , give me a 14% crew nerf ? ( 7x2) -5% armour ? and boost turning speed by 3% If I hover over the ship in the docks , not in the number 1 position, it says 12.39 + 1.98 in green If I move it to equipped ship, the numbers change to 11.88 +1.90 in green could somebody point out a reason why and I appologise in advance for anything stupid and being unable to sort a screenshot, although I will try again thanks for any help and If anybody has any good links regarding ships, their setups and modules and upgrades, please let me know ty , Hilts GB Global
  19. i like to suggest in the new UI an overview of goods in the warehouse in other ports atm i can only see the port i am in, and miss the numbers of stock i have in other warehouses greetings..o7
  20. Maybe this is planned for when UI gets updated I dont know. But its really needed for quality of life for anyone playing the game on high resolution screen. My current resolution is 3840x2160 and this makes the majority of the UI text unbearable small to read even given the fact the screen is 52 inch! The main areas I have issue are the ship info box top right on OW, the ship condition top left and the sailing info bottom right, I can barely read anything here. The text in the chatbox is just about acceptable on large font. another place this is problematic is the text for example the trader tool in the map window. the trade items and ports text is just painfully small. a basic slider in the graphics menu to scale the UI to your screen is all I see being required to fix this, but the solution is yours to decide if you can do something about it.
  21. Please add a toggle button to switch between the two information views of a brigade. I generally use the panel that indicates the officer/morale/kills, but that means it's hard to know which weapons each brigade has (unless I pause and take the time to click that tiny little "i" a hundred times). A simple feature like this would really cut down micromanagement for me. Currently I rename my brigades after their weapon type to save time, but there's a short character limit and it's not user friendly to have complicated brigade names. Also, I cannot rename my divisions. Please enable this.
  22. So while the ui does give me most of the information i need to command my troops, one addition I would love is an indication of which range they switch ammunition types. For example, while the range tag on a cannon might tell me its 1300, it could for example say 200/800/1300 to tell me the range switch between canister, shell, and round shot. If possible, it would also be lovely to have a dotted line in the range reticule in battle to show the cutoff points for each ammo type. Thoughts?
  23. I know this is a low priority item, but I'm going to share my idea now so people can discuss it. ever since I first saw this Image in the Work in Progress thread I've loved the idea of using a similar scene for the Port Screen UI. I'm not a game developer/programmer/etc.. So I don't know all the technical detials. but making the port screen a small 3D environment with animated water and a skybox that matches the OW time of day. it would be something like this: Obviously in a finished state, but the buildings in the port would be clickable buttons that take the place of the buttons in the current port screen, each would have a border highlight and tooltip that when hovered over told you what the building was and what you could do there. I.E. hover the mouse of the Warehouse and it says "Warehouse; buy and sell provisions and outfit your ship's hold." or the Shipyard "Shipyard; buy and sell ships" etc... The Fort would be the missions tab and politics interactions. The Tavern for managing crew and officers. Workshop for crafting, and so on. Additionally when you click on say the workshop you get, say a cleaned up version of the crafting UI, but over a background that looks like the interior of said building like this: I think that having a UI like this for the ports would add a little flavor and immersion to the open world experience.
  24. Hello, One thing that bugs me out and for what i would like to see a change in the new UI is the possibility to know the wind direction when i am inside a port or after a battle ended, without either having to get out of the port with a ship to see by myself or ask in chat few times after a battle and sometimes getting an inaccurate answer. Captains should know the wind direction while in port, and be able to decide for the best moment to leave it without having to get the ship out now and then and wee if the wind turned enough to be favorable. Captains after a battle, either pve or pvp should see in the end result screen the wind direction and could wait 10 minutes for the best wind to leave, all this without having to ask anyone. I hope the Dev's will add this essential information element to be available all the time in the new UI that is probably already worked on. Thanks a lot. PS: I am a quite a noob at coding such stuff, beside some basic php and batch i can't really do something but this thing is so important to me and missing so much in game that i may start to spend time to learn c,c+,c++ or else and just try to make a small .exe where i can set the wind blowing direction at the start of a gaming session with a small compass having the wind rotating like in game, just to be able to see where the wind is pushing any time i need it. Maybe there is talented people around that could code a small .exe doing this in a blink and it will be nice for now but i would really like to see this implemented in the new UI, this critical information for Captains should be available every time and part of the game.
  25. So i tried to use the fleet feature when i found the ship i put in fleet my redeemed Bucentare did not come with me i tried to dismiss it thinking that it would remove it from the fleet, instead it deleted the ship, Is it possible to get the ship back again? It was redeemed the day before with nothing on it and no dura lose, the logs should show that. There was no warning on the UI that the ship will be deleted no tips or hints on the fleet screen, this is a major issue if it is not addressed with proper tool tips/warnings. Captain name is Blitz on PvE One, Incident happen at around 5 pm GMT 06/08/2016.
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