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  1. Just allow ships up to 5th rate to dock to free ports and bring back TP with 4h cooldown.
  2. pvp eu

    Ok ok mate, see you soon ;).
  3. pvp eu

    No its not. You will know the difference soon :).
  4. pvp eu

    Got screened, not lost :).
  5. If you board somebody in a lower ship (hull height) you cant use deck guns.
  6. Go defend, have some pvp.
  7. Are devs giving Santa Cecylias to some other players that havent took part in a contest ?
  8. PvPers got f#$&ed again :).
  9. I'm a twat and proud of it.
  10. pvp eu

    Our greatest advantage is organization. Its clearly the biggest issue for GB nation, not the resources.
  11. pvp eu

    Nearest coal port is 2,5-3h sail there and back .
  12. pvp eu

    How i miss times when GB was not a nation of carebears...
  13. pvp eu

    Just go to PB without cannons and get them all demoted - easy peasy !