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Common technical problems and solutions

Nick Thomadis

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Welcome to the Technical solution thread of Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Here we will link to common issues you report to us in the support forum and in our Steam page as well as provide some quick tips.


>>>Installation instructions<<<

The game does not start
If your game does not start or crash it could happen due to many reasons.
A. The first thing to do is to check your system specs.

Please check that your computer meets following minimum requirements:


Operating System: Windows 7

Processor: Dual Core CPU 1.6Ghz

Memory: 2 Gb

Video card/Graphics: 512Mb VRAM, Intel HD 3000 and higher, GeForce 8800 and   higher,AMD Radeon X1600 and higher

Screen resolution: 1024x768

Hard drive: 2 Gb

Also note that Intel video cards older than Intel HD 3000 are not supported. If you computer specifications are below requirements, there is nothing we can do. The game might work but currently we are not supporting lower end computers.
B. If your computer is above the minimal requirements then these could be the reasons for problems.
1. Game should always be started through your Steam Library and never directly from game folder. Game also can be started from shortcut created by Steam, but not by direct shortcut to game executable. Basically the game only works if you launch it with Steam Launcher.
2. If game crashes on start (before intro video) please check 1. and 2. and if both rules are followed look instructions in 5.
3. If game crashes after main menu (during map loading for example), try to disable "Unit Transparency" in game Options. This issue caused by incompatibility of game shaders with some video card drivers. We are working on fix for this issue.
4. If you still have issue please use one of the following ways to report a bug.
C. Corrupted files
To check the integrity of your game's installation, verify your files: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
If there are corrupted or missing files, they will be re-installed automatically.
Essential clean-up of game folder
If you experience issues and you want to re-install the game, please proceed first to a clean up of the game folder:
Step 1
Go to the Steam Library => Right click on "Ultimate General: Gettysburg" => Select “Properties”
Step 2
In the pop-up window, go to “Local Files” tab => Click “Browse Local Files”.
Step 3
You are now in the game's installation folder. Select and delete all files and folders.

Step 4
Delete local content via the Steam automated process (Step 3 ensures that Steam does not leave any left overs).

Step 5
Right click on the game again in Steam library and re-install.

Step 6
After installation, go into game folder as described in step 2 => Select game executables (single and multiplayer) => Right mouse button click and select "Properties" => Go into compatibility tab => Disable check box in compatibility mode panel.

How to report a bug
1) When you meet an issue that you want to report, save and exit game. Re-start your game via Steam client and select Crash Report=>Play.
2) attach with your post the following files or email them to denis@game-labs.net:



Log can be found in you Steam game folder. If you haven't changed your Steam Library folder it will be in 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Ultimate General Gettysburg\Ultimate General Gettysburg_Data\
and file name is output_log.txt
If you changed your Steam Library folder file will be in folder relative to it in 
SteamApps\common\Ultimate General Gettysburg\Ultimate General Gettysburg_Data\
To obtain dxdiag.txt please follow 
Updating your graphics card drivers
We have received multiple crash reports that were fixable by updating outdated drivers. Please try to update your drivers using the links below:
Use alternative render
Launch game via the Steam client and choose Alternative render. This can help you start the game if you previously had CTD. If you did not have such problems then it is not needed. 
Mac problems (9/7/2014)
How to send log reports from Mac
If you anticipate CTD at startup try the following:
  • Attempt to relaunch the game 2-3 times manually, by clicking the game shortcut  and accepting your preferred resolution in the start-up resolution settings panel.
  • CMD + F two/three times, and most possibly you will get to the menu.
  • Disable Steam Overlay
  • Check that Steam is not blocked by System firewall:
    OSX Mavericks
    1. Click "System Preferences"
    2. Click "Accessibility" 
    3. Tick the Steam app icon

           Old Mac OSX
           1. Click "System Preferences"
           2. Click "Accessibility" 
           3. Click "Enable access for assistive devices"


Apologies for any inconvenience,
The Game-Labs Team 
email: support@game-labs.net
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