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Astonishing work!


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Astonishing work!

Hello all. I don’t normally write post like these or posts at all really. But my god does this man and the team deserves some praise! I have been playing strategy games for years but I have never seen a game captured the ebb and flow of a battle as described in the text of old as well as Ultimate General.


I can’t say that I’m proud of myself when I shout hold, dammit hold to the screen, or praying for a bunch of pixels to push home the attack. But my good in a time where graphics are relied upon to uphold the suspension of disbelief it’s refreshing when mechanics and the dynamics of a game keeps it all together. This is truly strategy gamin’s appetite for destruction. I remember way back when I  started up Dathmod and silently wondering to myself why this man was not consulted or even hired as lead developer at CA.  Empire2 could be such a wonderful game… In times of “press A” 5000 times to win or some candy bs this is truly a refreshing experience. Big thanks to you and your team. I know how much time that has been spent building this; it’s a time sacrifice that monetary gains won’t cover.


Thanks! And I can’t wait for the next game.




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