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Peace screen doesn't load on autosave and offers are absurd anyway.


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I got into a war with the USA, who had a 300 ship fleet as Italy when I had about 70 ships. I fought them for 2 real-life evenings, about a year in game, did dozens of battles, sank 280 of their ships, put in really a lot of time into it to defeat them in every way possible, and then when peace happened despite thrashing them to the point they had a revolution and no navy left could not even get morocco in the peace deal (they only thing they had that I wanted). The money I was offered for this thumping victory was about the same as it cost me to sail my entire fleet home in wartime before I could put them on limited. Literally earned taxi money home and that's it.

I just quit in annoyance to come back to it later and when I came back to the autosave later it didn't even offer me the peace screen. I was just no longer at war and didn't even get the money. War was just magically over and I didn't get a single ship, dollar, or territory. There is no autosave to go back to, nothing to be done. Two evenings totally wasted in terms of game progress.

This is a phenomenally frustrating gameplay experience on every level for a game that is supposedly in release state. Firstly an autosave shouldn't erase any start of turn events and pretend they never happened, and secondly you should be able to get more out of peace deals in the first place.

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