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Error Code EX0: Unable to view my user profile

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Every time I try to view my user profile (either by clicking my name in a forum post or by clicking my name in the top right corner and selecting Profile under Content), I receive an error message with the code EX0. The browser tab title reads "A configuration or server error has occurred."

This also happens when I try to view the profile of another user. The problem is a bit annoying because I would like to view my post history, but this error prevents me from doing so.

Attached is a screenshot of the error message I receive when I try to view my profile. I sent a message to the forum administrators via the Contact Us button prior to making this post.

I cleared my browser cache and tried accessing a user profile page on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but the problem still occurs.

Does anyone have the same problem trying to view their own profiles, and if so, how can I resolve this?




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Added that I cleared the browser cache and tried different browsers.
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