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Perks and Upgrades suggestion

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I would like to offer a few ideas for perks and upgrades and one quality of life change.

1. Allow trader ships to have dedicated perk resets. This would alleviate the unintentional error of not changing perks before leaving port to enter battle. If that is not possible, maybe offer a warning to 'check perk status'  before leaving port, as we currently have for warnings of 'no cannons' 'no repairs' before leaving port.

2. Increase the number of default upgrade slots. Players are being denied too many upgrade slots in comparison to the numerous upgrade options that have been added to the game over the years.

3. Quality of life change. Allow combat experience gained in a Lynx, Brig, Snow and LGV Refit to be automatically applied to their trader counterpart. It seems redundant to have to grind, in essence, the same ship twice. 


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