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Edit campaign saves at your own risk

Nick Thomadis

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Please note that by making any edit to the saves of the campaign it can cause many bugs that we are not responsible for. We occasionally receive internal reports from players who have "cheat-modded" their campaigns and we often lose a lot of time to find what can be a cause of an error, only to realize it is a broken save from manual editing.

We kindly ask you, to NOT report anything to us, if you have edited the files in any way because it makes it incredibly hard to focus on fixing real problems.

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Again a 2nd reminder,

Please. stop reporting bugs if you know you modify the game in any way.  For example, you report bugs with AI ships not having superstructures, we check those saves, and the players have cheat modded their campaign, e.g to unlock the Yamato hull in 1894 :)? Please, either play the game as is, or do not report to us any bugs that can happen because of editing game files in a wrong way. 

If we continue to receive such reports we will have to lock the files again until we finish improving the game.

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