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A couple questions about the Artillerist’s Guide


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I have, well, a couple questions about the Artillerist’s Guide.


Number 1 is the 12-gun limit. How do we know that batteries of more than 12 guns receive negative effectiveness relative to a 12 gun battery, instead of just diminished returns?

The second is about the Napoleon. The guide says it’s a very good gun, but to me, it’s always seemed a bit lackluster. Sure, it’s good early-game, but I’ve always replaced them with rifled guns and howitzers as soon as possible. Also, it may be that I don’t engage them as often as other guns, but my Napoleon batteries never seem to get more than 500 kills or so in any one battle. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully answering!

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The 12 gun limit was found through extensive in game testing to compare damage between guns. It was later mostly proved the be correct by data mining the actual in game calculation used. The actual limit is 14 but the difference between 12-14 is minimal.

You can find graphs here 

I'd highly recommend just using this mod which fixes the curve to be diminishing instead of parabolic among a variety of other bug fixes.


The Napoleon is mediocre in my opinion. It has a terrible range curve and is only good close in. I replace it with 24pdrs or rifled guns as soon as possible.

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As noted before, altering the entry times and locations of AI reinforcements during a battle is a big improvement on variety and playability of the mod.  Am hoping that you can do something about first appearance of Union AI reinforcements in the CSA campaign battle of Gaines Mill:

They appear about 1:40 into the battle on the hill just above Boatswain Woods, the same time as the first CSA reinforcements appear at the upper left edge of the map. The problem is this:  As CSA, I have just successfully seized Boatswain woods.  Of course, I place screening units on that nearby hill, which is an obvious observation point (it even has a little eyeball on it).

Without warning, a large mass of Union troops appear instantaneously (and miraculously) on that same observation point - and they are also quite close to my CSA troops in Boatswains Woods.

  • There are the 'common sense' issues , like "How did the enemy get there so fast" and "Why didn't I see them?"
  • There are the 'fairness' issues, like "My reinforcements have to travel all the way across the map" and "Yet these fresh enemy troops appear right on top of me"

I literally have to game the system in order to ensure that my screening units (who of course would be located on that hill) aren't wiped out immediately by the Union troops which inexplicably appear among them.

You've done a great job in providing some much-needed variety by adjusting the arrival location of AI troops, Pandakraut and Jonny.  Please fix this one, as well.  It's a really bad bug ... err ... "feature" of legacy/vanilla UGCW.

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