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  1. Gotcha. Perhaps include that info somewhere in the intro? - as it is a) new, b) non-standard and c) unexpected Can I also ask ... why? I would assume that tutorial battle is one time when player is entirely likely to want to pause&save. Playing v.12.73d on MG and enjoying it: 'Spoils of War" does not appear to be as punitive as before (BIG improvement), enemy is feisty, but not overwhelming. I've also capped across-the-board unit sizes at more-or-less 'historic' levels, which is how I like to play. Nice improvements!
  2. Just returned after giving Adishee's submod a trial. He's pursuing some intriguing concepts - interesting work in progress ... Have now downloaded v.1.27.3d and scanned the notes. Looks like some interesting stuff. Especially like your use of the opening splash to announce updates. But a question: It appears that I cannot SAVE mid-battle. Is this an artifact, a feature, Did I miss something?
  3. Here's hoping that it's not too much of a chore - It will really make a difference. But I thought you wanted to walk away from this for a while? As you know, I'm more concerned about units foolishly staying in a suicidal position because no-one has deliberately ordered them to NOT be dumb ... The most logical & realistic solution is "continue doing the last thing you were ordered to do ... until that order changes" i.e. If I told you to 'hold position" ... then just continue to do that if I told you to [Fallback] ... then fallback and fight. If the enemy presses ... the
  4. mmm ... sort of, but not really, imo. An officer already has a record, a reputation, and has likely been evaluated by previous supervisors, so it's not likely to be a blank slate - especially in the case of more senior officers. The surprise factor is interesting from a playability perspective, but is not necessarily historical. Viable option: display only a couple of attributes and/or an attribute might be re-evaluated after a battle - as you're already doing. Unfortunate. In my experience the senior officers (the guys commanding brigades and divisions) are the onew we know most
  5. Thanks for the generous comments and speedy response, @adishee Especially pleased that you found the 'cavalry independence' and status popups suggestions useful - and relatively easy to implement. Short answer: Yes, the regiment was the fundamental battle unit and its subcommander (usually a Colonel) was expected to act with some initiative. And common sense. Due to smoke, confusion, distance, and "other priorities" - the regimental commander was often required to interpret his (very rare) direct commands from the commanding general - and use his own best judgement in many, many sit
  6. Command Control (mechanics) centered on the commanding general is appropriate, though it results in a lot of running around - especially when you're trying to command a large army or a far-flung battlefield (like First Bull Run). The delay in receiving and executing orders by distant units is also appropriate and a good feature. However, The little popup boxes displaying orders status messaging in the upper left are merely annoying. They obscure the map. They are often redundant. They also often communicate non-events (i.e. "an order was not received by a di
  7. A workaround in theBadOldDays (1980's) was to store the graphical images as a font (imagine each visual change as a unique character). Then invoke the appropriate characters - as you do now - and display them with that fontType. Easy to store & manage. It was a fast & effective technique, born of necessity in a time when we had few tools or options. Often not known, understood, or used these days. But it works. Not trying to make your life harder. I'll check out the tilde-mode.
  8. Suggest that unit status might expressed more concisely w/ graphics & visuals, s.a.: Condition: a vertical bar, white bar on black background Morale: outline of bar becomes red as morale deteriorates Flanking: white dots at each side of the status bar which flash when enemy units flanking within 200 on that side These aren't necessarily the best design solutions, but I think you get my drift. It's good to provide info ... but without clutter
  9. Okay, I give up What do the | M! | and | C! | {} next to infantry units mean?
  10. It appears that disabling godMode has fixed most of the skirmisher, spontaneous routing, & supply flakiness- also in the old P&J ReBalanceMod battles (v1.2.7.1a) - or so it seems. Am not doing rigorous testing Since godmode is mostly a development function - perhaps it should be removed from the player environment? It certainly created a bunch of badArtifacts for me Yep. I agree. Too bad - I was in a good situation. meh But the rest of it seems to be working & stable. It's a rainy day here. Good for inside play. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the extr
  11. @adishee: Loaded v.1.3.5.d today 03/18.2021 When attempting to load old saved 'ironman' battles still receive get "Can't be loaded. Delete?" [Okay] [Cancel] panel When initiating new battle (First Bull Run) as Confederate Several of my Detached Skirmisher units Rout spontaneously and some are destroyed after a few seconds (about the time the Union troops first appear on screen). They have not come under fire. All Union units rout spontaneously when my artillery begins to fire (some are destroyed) My supply unit goes into 'scaredyCat' mode and flees from its p
  12. hmmm ... Dropbox sez: This item was deleted You might be able to find it in your deleted files. If it's not there, try asking the person who shared it with you. Haven't encountered that before. Any ideas?
  13. "Excellent", says the ex-Documentation Manager. "Ha!" says the guy who worked for decades in the software industry. Haven't easily found much info on how units were reinforced historically : I know that unit-merging & destruction was a solution - but it sounds kind of absolute. Was it the only way? Perhaps you could allow more limited flexibility, as well? i.e. A unit might receive a maximum of 10% reinforcement from the 'pool' of replacements every cycle Do the detached units need to actually be re-merged into the host unit in order to fix the bug - or just orde
  14. Thanks for the speedy reply, @adishee. Actually, my current version is 1.3.5.c. - so it appears that the bug persists. Found 'ironManMode' in historical file. Yep - it's 'false' found another issue: 'Autosave Camp' after Newport News displays Infantry units with less than 1025 troops (i.e. the strength bar is less than full)). The slider and arrow appear, but do not operate: I cannot increase the total. If I click away from the unit and then return - the strength bar now displays as full (even though it is only 961 men). bug in the troop strength details display
  15. hmmm ... I installed v.1.3.5 and the game seems to be working okay I can save a battle, mid-play but I get "Can't be loaded. Delete?" [Okay] [Cancel] panel when I attempt to reload a battle that has been saved mid-play When I attempt to go to MainMenu from inside a battle, I get "Ironman - Save and exit to Main Menu?" Playing as Confederate, I was able to save Newport News at the end of the battle (When offered the [Finish] button - and I could re-load that battle (and only that battle). All other Saved mid-battle present me with "Can't be loaded. Delete?" panel
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