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Making increase army limit in battle mod


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I've never liked the battle unit limit imposed by the game. Limiting the number of corps I understood, but I feel like I am being punished for doing too well If I can't bring all the units in my corps to a battle. Is there a mod that increases the number of units allowed per corps across every battle in a campaign? Example: minor battle allows 2 corps of 13 and 15 units, increased to 2 corps of 25 respectively. I couldn't find one so I thought about making one.

I posted about this on steam and while I was told it would theoretically be possible nobody knew how to do it. Does anyone know how I would change this? I've seen @pandakraut say for the UI and AI Customizations Mod the "deployment slots now match total units that can be deployed." So I think that means that what I want to do is at least possible. Any advice for a first time modder would be much appreciated.

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