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Bug/Suggestion : Campaign map select a port list

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Greetings. New to these forums. I see there are some suggestion by month threads but not one for May 2022. If admins prefer feel free to copy this to the right thread.

In the campaign map I sometimes wish to send out more than one task force. For example long range fast CA to one distant part of the map, short range TBs to guard the coastline and a main battle fleet of BB, CL and DD to go fight a battle. Current the first group you send out very often is so close in graphics that you can no longer select the port. This means not being able to send out the other groups.

Can we please add a side bar button or scroll list for selecting ports. Then we can issue the move orders etc from there. This would allow better fleet management.

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Similiar issue for the ships at sea.


Had driven 2 BC around the west side of England to now go into the North Sea. The enemy (Ger) had some CA here and there. So I now wanted to split up the BC for each to chase different CA. After ordering the first BC move order its graphic is overtop the 2nd BC which I now have no way of selecting.


Maybe if you mouse over an area a local select menu comes up with all possible groups including ports comes up.

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