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Why no custom historical battles?

James Cornelius

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The campaigns are great, don't get me wrong.


But one of the areas that I thought UG:CW really excelled was in allowing you to play the Civil War battles with the historical forces allowing you to see how you'd do when compared to history. Can you route the Rebels at Antietam like McClellan failed to do? Was Burnside's plan at Fredericksburg doomed to failure no matter what? Could Lee have stormed Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg?


So why are there no historical battles in UA:AoS? Why no First of June? No St. Vincent? No Finisterre? No Trafalgar? None of the single ship duels that defined the War of 1812? I know that many of the campaign missions are either based on, or literally are, these battles, but it's not the same.


I urge a future patch to include the ability to fight historical battles with the historical orders of battle. In nearly all of these, the condition of the forces is readily available in the historical record.

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I like your ideas however I dislike to give my thoughts about this when I consider the facts. Historical battles was a good feature in UGCW and had steam achievement that we could earn but it was not a feature in this game so that is the first problem. The second problem, is that this game is out of development, finished, and this company got bought up by a giant company so who knows anything more, now? The other thing to consider, is many of us, wanted more cookie cutter like campaigns such as French, Spanish or anything more than what we already had and I can feel confident when I write this because I think No DEV ever responded to any of us, that they would even consider doing anything of what I just wrote above. I mean, it's still a great game to play as is and we can always write and hope for some more product but it might be more like doom and gloom because this product is complete and only a DEV could give us true news about this completed game. I welcome DLC and I would buy it, however the chance of that happening is long gone, but we could still hope for all of it and it would be great if they surprised us, someday.

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