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PvE server: Pan-Caribbean Speedboat Race in mid-october 2021

Cetric de Cornusiac

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I consider planning a boat race (regatta) for 7th rates in mid-october 2021.

Race will start in Flatts, Bermuda, and end in Dariena. But you need to make port calls in four ports inbetween, which, as anti-cheating measure, will stay secret until the race has started. Your arrival in those places will be monitored by referee boats and you will document you made the call by a short message made in local trade chat of that port.

Victory condition: First speedboat arriving in Dariena will win.

Admission is one wooden chest per boat. Half of collected wooden chests will be given to winner. Some more to 2nd and 3rd winner, amount is depending on number of contestants.

First step: I will collect interested players. If I fail to bring together 10 contestants, event will not happen. I will also collect volunteers who want to monitor the race as referees (in various ports), they need to be reliable for that function.

Second step: When enough contestants are listed, they are asked to deliver the admission in game. After this happened, they get admitted to contest participation. We are open to add donated prizes in addition, if people want to see them given to winners.

Third step: Players tell which boat they will use and show to organization a screenshot with stats. They are free to compose any 7th rate in any woods and with any upgrades and books they like. Only restriction is, it has to be a 7th rate by game definition. No gun boats or yachts (or balloons, as mentioned by High Sea Lord Raleigh).

Fourth step: players from the list not following previous steps in time before event starts (time to be announced) or not showing up in starting port at proper time, or starting too early before others (observer outside will notice) will get disqualified. The race preparation ends with every participant announcing his presence in port by a message on trade chat.

Fifth step: boat race starts with all listed boats present in Flatts, on signal given by referee.

Sixth step: participants after the start learn of first intermediate port they have to sail to and enter, for making a trade chat message (gives a time stamp too).

Seventh step: other ports will get announced which they have to visit in given order.

Eighth step: as last port, Dariena will have to be reached. The time will be recorded again by trade chat message there.

Ninth step: upon arrival of first three boats and not learning of any cheating evidence, those boats will be declared winners in appropriate order of arrival and receive prizes. In case cheating evidence is brought forward, the next boat in order of making port call will take over position of a disqualified participant.

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Today I will have to decide if this event planning proceeds into the next phase.

Prerequisites are not met. Not enough applications, 10 being the minimum, means the event will not take place, if this does not change within this day.


EDIT: No last minute change. Inertia of this playerbase makes events organized for them impossible to succeed. EVENT CANCELED.

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