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Annoucement: First " Macao Grand Mast-Sniping Contest" to be held in june 2021

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MDRA will be organizing the first "Macao Grand Mast-Sniping Contest" on PvE peace server. Contest will run all june, from 1st - 30th, in arranged battle instances.

First prize will be a DeRuyter permit, second prize 10.000 doubloons + 30 edinorog guns, third prize 5.000 doubloons + 10 edinorog guns. Other (donated) prices may be added.

Now what about conditions?

(1) participants use a single ship of 5th rate (their choice which)
(2) participants attack a First Rate Fleet of 10 or more ships anywhere in Open World in my presence as referee - so this means prearranging dates
(3) We score all mast hits. Any masts being shot down adds 200 points extra (bowsprites don't count).
(4) At the end of battle participants do a screenshot showing their score and send them to me.
(5) Results will be listed during all month (june) and rating will close on june 30th. Winners declared thereafter.

Battles which are not guided by referee don't count. Referee will sail a fast little boat and avoid all engagements. If another ship joins the battle the instance is void. Obviously only map regions where 1st Rate fleets are to be found can qualify where to arrange such battle.

ARRANGE DATE WITH REFEREE ANYTIME BETWEEN JUNE 1 AND JUNE 30 FOR TAKING PART. I am Comte de Cornusiac in game, send mail or find me on global chat.

For more info and actual participant list visit Macao port discord, event channel, during june:

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