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So I've been digging into this one and have a question in regards to Troop ships.. 

Are they useful for anything other than landing battles? Can they be used to board? Been trying to use them in ship battles to initiate boarding actions but it seems they can only deploy in longboats, which cannot be used to board. Thanks!

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Transports receive a penalty when boarding, but you can deploy rowboats, and send those rowboats to another ship that is currently in a boarding action to effectively increase the amount of men available for boarding. Usually only used for capturing larger ships than what you have access to.

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Interesting! Never thought about that. Will have to give it a try. Thanks :)

Also... have you considered doing a rebalance mod for Aos? 😇

I do be missing my very large brigades.. (and enemies' brigades, for that matter!) 

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