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  1. Interesting! Never thought about that. Will have to give it a try. Thanks Also... have you considered doing a rebalance mod for Aos? 😇 I do be missing my very large brigades.. (and enemies' brigades, for that matter!)
  2. Hello! So I've been digging into this one and have a question in regards to Troop ships.. Are they useful for anything other than landing battles? Can they be used to board? Been trying to use them in ship battles to initiate boarding actions but it seems they can only deploy in longboats, which cannot be used to board. Thanks!
  3. I've been using 1k Skirmisher units with the left side speed/cover/light infantry perks. They don't seem to shoot very fast they just consume what ammo they have faster than infantry does. A lot faster.
  4. Infantry weapons. I've had a very hard time finding carbines/skirmisher rifles.
  5. I have been tempted to try out using skirmishers more heavily (modernized infantry made possible with new perks!), but the ammo limitations are what really turn me off to the idea. They go through ammo very quickly compared to infantry units, do far less damage, and for some reason seem to be very tricky to refill with a supply wagon.
  6. This is awesome thanks! I'm particularly tickled by the prospect of an artillery corps.
  7. Oh yes definitely. If you look in my album I make extensive use of flanking fire to rout and weaken infantry brigades. Note that I dismounted them in order to act as dismounted skirmishers like they should be historically.. but it is probably better to leave them in the saddle. I will say that dismounting them in that last example, the foresty minor battle, proved to be better than keeping them mounted though. They worked very well cycling attacks in the forest, concentrating fire on the infantry brigades. It works very well as long as you can micromanage all of them to keep up pressure
  8. I tried using a Cavalry Corps with mostly Enfields to be able to hold good ground with great mobility, but I could not get enough Enfield rifles to outfit all of them and keep them reinforced, and they could not hold up to infantry brigades even in cover because they'd get charged. Unfortunately the other weapons they get access to cannot fire at the same range as infantry, so more times than not they'll just get shot at. I am not sure if it is possible to use them as they were used historically. I did have a lot of success using them to flank on large maps though, or micro managing them t
  9. Curious to know if anyone else likes to roleplay out their campaigns! AARs are fun too; always a good read. Currently I started over on a CSA campaign on the weakest level while I try to learn how to effectively manage the OOB. I decided for this one though I was gonna do a bit of roleplaying.. so I made a plan. Being from Ireland myself I wanted to see what Irish involvement in the Civil War was like, but even Europeans know about the Irish Brigade in the Union. I did not know much about Irish involvement in the CSA though so I did a bit of digging and happened upon William Mahone. Seemed
  10. If I am playing CSA I leave my Brigades either named as their generals, to signify the romanticism involved with them, or if a Brigade performs really well I'll think up a story for them and either give them a name associated with that story or if I can't think up one I'll turn to Fantasy Name Generator's Army Name Generator. The Corps get named after their General, or likewise, a story, such as the real life examples of the Irish Brigade, Iron Brigade, or Louisiana Tigers. If we could do the same with Divisions I would. Union I stick to strict, uniformed, government approved numbers. Wi
  11. Fair enough! Thanks for the answer. Will save me trouble down the road for sure.
  12. Was gonna start a new thread but this seems like a great place to ask! 1) I am having a really hard time determining the effective range for each artillery piece. I did a custom battle for Marye Heights (great place to test stuff) just so I could go through each piece and try to learn where within their range indicator is the sweet spot, but it's super frustrating and I'm not getting it right cause unless it's canister shot all the shots look the same to me. I asked The Soldier to add in some range pictures in his awesome Artillery Guide but honestly that's a lot of work for someone to do s
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