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So now its here, update 9, with its 19" and 20" guns, its Quad turrets, and its new French hulls. But this has led to something, HUGE battleships, sometimes called Super Battleships, and I just wanted to create this to document some designs. What works well and what doesn't? What are the best designs to rule the world? how do you create the Maximum battleship? 

(Also the Maximum Battleships are another name for the Tillman Designs, and those are just kind of a demonstration of why politicians shouldn't be allowed to design ships) 

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I have created a Yamato-type Battleship instead using 20" guns, almost like the A-150 design.

Displacement: 83,248t

Cost: $144,911,200

Top Speed: 24kn

Max Belt Thickness: 15"

Min Belt Thickness: 3"

Crew: 2664


3x2 20" Gun(s)

18x3 5" Gun(s)

18x3 3" Gun(s)

It's Basically a A-150 but a tad-bit smaller, and I have christened her Sagami, thus named after an ancient Japanese province, like every other Japanese BB. I would post a picture but I've wasted all my picture space for this, I anyone really wants it I can probably post a picture on a word doc and post it or something. Next I shall be building either the new wows Italian tier 10 BB, or Florida, land of Crocodiles and Alligators.



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