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Only ww1/1921 hulls etc Royal Navy?

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Love the game hate almost anti Royal Navy slant the game has. Historically the Royal Navy had looked and done studies into super Lion type ships of 70 000 ton , so why does every other nation get use of super battleship hulls BUT Great Britain even nations that never managed to build even 1 modern WW2 era battleship?

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Guess we will have to wait for more British hulls in-general, love to get monarch (wows i know), KGV, a proper nelson hull, G3 BC hull, Leander, Belfast, Town, County, Dido, Lion (wows), conqueror (wows), vanguard and various other UK hulls.

Also we need more pre-dread hulls to make each nation that much more unique (and give nations that weren't heavy on the navy more customisation).

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59 minutes ago, Skorzny said:

Think at least putting Royal Navy on  equal terms would be great and with super battleship hulls modern towers and turrets would be more historically accurate 😀

Too be honest i just want a really fat lion with 4 quad 20-22inch guns at 130k tonnes, with some other hulls too choose from to make it more unique (so when you click on super battleship hull 3 for example it has a bunch of other hulls with similarish stats but different looks).

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