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This loki Spawning is bullshit!!!!! Not to mention that the port battle flag placing adds 3more hours to time to spend in game . and travel time reduced. I dont get it , Half your pop is alt ffs and we can even get above 700 ,thats 70 per nation and half alts.. And im not the only person..If you want a loki put them in spawn circle .not on top of you 45 minutes into a battle,so retarded..need a helmut?

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Get rid of Loki! It's a stupid trolling and completely not fair especially when elite ship turns loki. Where is a fun for a player if he is risking his our own crafted and pimped ship and loki is sinking him cause he is just a part of a big fleet that player is trying to sink. Go pvp in your own ships, not loki! I have few hundereds of loki runes - could spend a week just trolling people, but whats the point ? 😕

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