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I started building some German Torpedoboats and tried something like the Grosse Torpedoboote 1911, 1913, 1916M, 1916, etc...

Now — the issue is that if you set the time for construction for these years there are no Torpedo boat hulls available...?


I think the last year is 1908 or 1909... 


Can this be changed so we can build WW1 Torpedo boats all the way up?


Thanks in advance!

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Looking on the ship designer, the German Empire literally has a "large torpedo boat" hull for up to 1912. It's just under the "destroyer" category. The 1913 large torpedoboats breached a thousand tons anyway - so just use a minimalist destroyer hull - and the 1914 model was over 1300 tons.



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Small (non DD) torpedo boats would be nice for post-1908. Or later and smaller motor gunboats, for that matter.

Maybe only have post-1908 torpedo boats available only for nations that built them historically (was it only Germany? I'm not sure, it might've been.), if the devs' concern is realism/how common they were.

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