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Rolling broadsides fault!?

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Dear Admirals and devs,

do you know situations like the following:

You outmanouevered an enemy vessel, even shot away it’s foremast and saved your broadside  for this special moment: You‘re in the process of crossing that unfortunates vessel’s stern and  rake all resistance out of it ...

But as the broadside starts your smile and anticipation are turning into an oath: Instead of fireing a rolling broadside from front to rear and thus making sure almost every shot to go home, you witness a desatrously timed one, going from rear to front - half of the shots missing the target.

Please @sterner: Change that!

It‘s quite frustrating to see cannons start to fire which have the worst angle towards the set target, while those placed in the best position stay silent until thier angle has also worsened!

Maybe you could give us the choice  how a broadside should be fired...

At least set the broadside from front to rear as a default please!

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Yes I concur with both of you.  Would be great to be able to control it if you wish, but ideally leave up to the officers when you have other decisions to make.  Would also be ideal if officers chose the target, ammo type, and aim point based on best target (or imminent target) available.  Use greatest threat, best aspect, best range to deal maximum damage as the factors for the commanding officer to make the decision - make this part of the commanding officer's efficiency.   

Too often I've be unable to micro-manage holding fire for one of several ships, only to watch it unleash a poorly timed rolling broadside on a target either too far or at a bad angle when if it had waited 10 seconds would have had a perfect stern raking shot on another target...can't forget to mention all the ships I've also forgot to "un-cease fire" only to realize 10 mins later 2 or 3 of my ships weren't shooting to port or starboard.  Perhaps make this a setting: broadside targeting controlled by the CO, or, fire at will targeting controlled by each gun team.

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I‘d be able to get along with officer skills deciding the quality of aim and timing of a broadside.

But imo it should need a very unskilled officer (e.g. points for cleverness below 20) to command a broadside firing from rear to front when the reverse would be indicated!

Apart from that I‘d really hate to lose the ability to select targets, manual aim or hold fire for myself.

I know that the micromanagement in this game can be insane sometimes, but imo the possibility of pausing allows for such an extraordinary range of controls.

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