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iam BlakeBeard a Pirate rank Brigand

so iam new here i dont quite know how to make posts here 

Me and a New Player my m8 Ferryman and some other Pirate Just fought against

an DLC Victory and the Player  called  M M R from the clan TVM at Cayo Romano

i was in a Victory my m8 in an USS Pirate 3 on an Le Requ.

As A 4rth Pirate Player Called Jack Sparrow 508 crew on his ship ( iknow theres a ton of those) Joined later

 and first he didnt do much but after some time and some writing back and fourth in Spanish between him and the Enemy 

he starded moving and i noticed him trying to block me  a couple of times without success he didnt realy shoot at all just was kinda there always trying to get infront of me pulling his sails down infront of me stuff like that so the Enemy Vic Could get in range of boarding me 

Later then stuff went wrong and Ferry got stuck on him so he Boarded ferry The DLC Vic only had 400 crew left himself  boarded ferry with his 230 crew

wich he didnt have much of a chance

mean while Sparrow was just right next to them just kinda watched he was in full range to ramm them apart or grape didnt do anything 

after that me and the Enemy Vic went into boarding aswell slightly in my favor so Jack shot grapes at me to swing the tight so i lost the boarding super close jack was rght next to us 

after i lost and MMR only had 110 crew left with Sparrow rigth next to him with 508 crew still 

Sparrow just left MMR Left Battle over . 

Ferry stayed to watch it all happen it was about 17:35 europe time 17.07.2020 hes ready to comment it once its visible


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iam said to say so but no

but ive come to the knoledge that xxx jack Sprarrow xxx is an spanish alt acount and thats why he helped him 

ill be shure to make screens next time such things happen

is there no logs that you could use to see that happend i mean the friendly dmg gets tracked doesnt it somehow ?

and what ive heard from other pirates that this is not the first offence either of that guy other pirates told me about there encounters with him 


"For whatever it is worth I was there for the entire battle and can confirm the above. I tried communicating with Jack Sparrow on several occasions without response and then just thought he was being a troll. Until he grape shot BlakeBeard who was stationary and then left once the battle was over it became apparent he was in league with the enemy. 
At the end of the day you win some and you lose some and that's fine. I'd hate to think that players are joining fights and colluding while in opposing factions. That's pretty crappy." Ferryman

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