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Possible use of alts to create fake combat + alt farm

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Something very suspicious just happened. I do not want to accuse anyone yet, but I felt like there was at least reason for investigation.

There were 6-7 Chinese redoubtables blocking VP Playon port. (which never happens). We were forming a group to counter them, and then 10 french showed up at Playon as well (never seen a french there). They did not engage each other, and were both blocking the port for 5-10 min. We did not engage because we did not trust the situation.

At 1 point the chinese and french decided to attack each other at the same moment.

We joined the chinese side which created a nice battle with equal BR. 

However, the chinese sank in a few minutes without doing any real damage at all. All but 1 were dead in 5 min with 1% damage taken by any french ship. At one point there was a chinese redoubt sailing parallel to a french implac and the redoubt fully sank with the implac not taking any damage in return (they were flat out broadside vs broadside).

In a few moments the french then turned and killed the VP group.


Now, this could just be very bad chinese players, but the whole situation of the Chinese showing up, then french showing up, and seemingly lure us into combat by attacking each other.. was very suspicious to say at least. It went so quick and weird that it felt like the french were sinking their own alts.

Like I said, it felt like it is at least worth looking into, and if this was a legal battle, then gg to the french.


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