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Well, you bought it already so why not start playing it? Yes, it's early access and mostly it plays pretty good and it's still in development. Now when they in the past updated the game sometimes they fixed something and sometimes they broke something else. I stopped playing the campaigns due to the last patch for I think in the American campaign I do the objectives and the game gives me an unfair defeat which ends the campaign on the first battle for me. In the British campaign on the second battle it gives me an unfair draw even though I did the objectives and so the problem would duplicate for other battles to getting unfair draws which drain your resources so it would end the war. Now in the past I was able to play both campaigns and win them several times and enjoyed them even working through bugs. In the past nearly two months no updates and the last update is what screwed up the campaigns for me so I have no interest in playing them until they fix them.  Most of the players really enjoy this game and I do too. You just bought it so freshly install it and it may work flawlessly for you but do expect a few bugs or glitches.

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Well I bit the bullet and started to play...  Wow the land combat is fun :0 I feel that artillery is very well done IMO I didn't feel that artillery felt quite right in Ultimate general here I truly felt their presence is there side missions to play to build up exp etc?   anyhow thank you for this gem of a game.


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