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Game Crashes after Choosing Server


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15 hours ago, Gustav_Fuchs said:


Started yesterday after the update.
After I'm launching the game and pressing at PvP server option the game crashes all the time..
Checked by the Report Connection Test


Greetings Captain,

please try this workaround:


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53 minutes ago, Gustav_Fuchs said:

No, there were no updates for antivirus.
I'm using Symantec Endpoint.
No files were blocked according to the log.

Another workaround would be to verify integrity of game files in Steam (right click on NA in Steam->properties->local files tab) and also the first workaround here: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/19975-workaround-for-certain-ui-loading-problems-inlcuding-trader-tool/

Also, have you tried to reinstall the game?


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21 hours ago, Gustav_Fuchs said:

Yes, reinstalled it twice.
After checking the files integrity yesterday.

But the game works after the update.
Thanks for help.

Nice to hear the problem is gone!

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