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So let's talk about placing super-imposed barbettes in UA:D.

Currently the size of turrets you can put on a barbette is determined only by the caliber of guns in the turret, anything else, like the number of guns, is irrelevant. The huge superimposed barbette can take any turret, while all the other barbettes (enlarged, tall, very tall, standard and medium) can mount turrets with guns up to 16". Here's a pic of medium and standard barbettes with a triple 16" gun:



I think the topic might be quite important, because, I expect that once the campaign is up and running we will be able to retrofit older ships and give them new guns. And if I recall corretctly, Drachinifel said in one of his videos, that the rule of thumb is that for every 2 inches you increase the caliber, you lose one barrel. So for example if you have an older ship with triple 14" turrets you should be able to swap them for either double 16" or single 18". But in order for that to work, the size of the turrets must change according to number of guns it has. And currently it doesn't. Take a look at another screenshot:


The bow of this hull is too narrow to mount a single 18" gun, but a triple 17"? No problem!

So the thing that needs to change is the diameter of turrets with different amount of guns and player shouold be allowed to place them  on certain barbettes according to said diameter.

For example:

Huge barbette: no changes, all turrets

Enlarged barbette: 17 and 18" limited to double

standard: 15 and 16" limited to double, 17 and 18" limited to single

medium: 13 and 14" limited to double, 15 and 16" limited to single.


OR as some people suggested in other threads, throw all the barbettes out of the window and just let the player adjust the barbettes height while placing the turret. That would make buiding even three turrets superfiring over each other very intuitive and easy. But we have to remember that such designs would be also very top-heavy and unstable - something that the game in its current state doesn't simulate. 

IMHO the former solution is going to work better in game's current state, while the latter is going to require more work, and may be implemented further in the future.


What do You think guys?

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Sorry, haven't noticed it; and it seems you made much more thorough work than I did :)

I'm only going to add, that I'd like to see your idea of placing boiler rooms expanded (and obviously not being able to place main guns above them). This way the echelon layout will become a useful and logical option, not only for people seeking to recreate WWI ships, but also  for a casual player.



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