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Troop Ship Capacity


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I don’t understand why troop ships have a limited number of units (as opposed to just a limit on the number of troops) that can be transported.

If a transport can carry 1,000 troops, what is the logic for requiring those troops to be in no more than 4 units?  I often like to have my troops in 100-200 man units to have more tactical flexibility (in addition to what can be achieved by separating skirmishes).  Similarly, I would be more likely to include a small artillery unit (say 2-4 guns) if that didn’t burn one of a limited number of spaces.


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While it would be nice to load just 1000 men onto a troop ship and then create whatever number of units you want, i think that would tip the balance of power way too far in favor of the player. The unit limit on troop transports exists for a reason. 

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I don't think giving the player more slots on transports would be a balance problem. The current system heavily favors filling every transport with the largest infantry unit that can be fit. Artillery and skirmishers are very hard to justify with the limited slots and supply wagons might as well not exist.

Since transports already have a weight limit, even with infinite slots the maximum amount of men per transport remains the same. Allowing the player the flexibility to include support units, or smaller specially equipped infantry units, only encourages different play styles beyond max size infantry spam.

As a middle ground, I would suggest adding 1-3 extra slots to each tier of transport. Maximum men deployed remains the same, but the player would have more options on how those men can be configured.

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