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Double Green on Green by [DFPLA]FliegendeBaren

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Green on Green by [DFPLA]FliegendeBaren, caused sinking of 1 player and damage on the other.

Battle was 2 Spanish snows vs 3x British Indiaman (1 player 2 AI).

FliegendeBaren in Ingermanland joined Spanish side (2 snows). Proceeded to shoot full broadsides into 1 snow teammate, then shot 2 balls into target British enemy after being called out for his green on green, after which he shot another full broadside into the 2nd teammate snow. 

recording is taken directly after the broadsides, on which the british player confirms the occurrence. FliegendeBaren continues to not actively engage the enemy whatsoever, even when side by side with either the enemy player or the enemy AI. 

Further evidenced by two screenshots in which FliegendeBaren: 1) confirms having shot his teammates because he hates Spain; and 2) translated abuse towards relatives which I understood to be against the rules as well.

I'll trust your judgment.

Kr, Ben.



2 screenshots:



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