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Green on Green, Virginia


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I would like to ask openly, for a very severe tribunal judgment against the French Alt "Virginia".

We are all blood and bloody ashed by this French Captain since the first day he joined the ranks. Hired to give information to our enemy's, joining battles to make our battle rating more important and never listening to our naval commands.

Despite does accusations, I, captain of many crew men never had a real position to drag this Addle-brained lummox to tribunal.

Today, he fired at mutiple occasion in the direction of my crew and sails ! (3 times if not more)


First act of treason: He shot my front sails to try and slow me down when escaping fire from enemy's ships.

No proof

Second act: He shot my sails and hull to again... slow me down to make my re-entering of the partol zone difficult.



Last act: Shot at me, after our last enemy was sunk. (or while he was beeing sunk)




Post-scriptum:  This is not related to our current tribunal but shows how he opens the battle rating.1853194578_virginia1.thumb.jpg.31a162a01cc2404a8aea08e937d7bf03.jpg


Vice-Admiral Rapte

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